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The Prayer of the Heart Prayer list

During the First World War there were many women healers living in the UK. One of these healers organized that at a set time each evening they would all light a candle and pray/mediate in their own particular way on peace. Each would know that they were joining with other healers across the UK lighting their candles and holding steady to Freedom, Truth, Love and peace.

Many years on when families, friends and loved ones were finding themselves reading letters and journals written by the soldiers they discovered that at the exact time of the candles being lit across the UK some soldiers were experiencing spontaneous moments of Peace, Love, rest and a sense all is well.

Amanda invites you to join on the last Friday of each month with her in lighting a candle wherever you are at 9pm UK time. To stop for a moment in silent prayer/meditation and rest in the Freedom, Love and Peace that is available to everyone. We offer these moments to all beings.

True, absolute silence and true, absolute love are not different. Absolute silent awareness overflows with simple, fulfilled, absolute love.

- Gangaji

Thank you for joining with me. 

There will be reminders of dates on our Facebook page.