Welcome World The Great Mother and the amazing power of softness

The Great Mother and the amazing power of softness

The gentlest of invitations is offered for healing the pelvic area of the body; Amanda is excited to offer this amazing course focused on a particular body of work she has offered to clients over a period of many years. The work is described as non-dual in the sense that all is welcome. It offers no distance between the discovery of the true self and responding to the body.

Amanda’s distance learning course offers an approach to healing the pelvic region allowing the true nature of the body to be recognized and experienced. Liberating this very symbolic area of a woman’s body. Releasing and dissolving long held tension, residues of old memories, beliefs and emotions.

The invitation is to investigate and discover what healing is for you as a being experiencing the form of a woman’s body. The course offers opportunities for each of you to welcome and acknowledging the amazing qualities of the feminine face of wisdom and healing.

How long is the course and can I enroll at any time?

The course is over 6 months with 4 distance-learning modules and monthly individual skype sessions with Amanda. Yes you can enroll at any point in the year.

What is the course content?

There are four distance learning modules and a monthly individual skype session with Amanda. Alongside the skype sessions you are most welcome to email Amanda any questions, insights etc. Amanda walks by your side throughout the course.

Module 1; inviting the pelvic region to return to its true nature

Dissolving the residues of constriction and tension held within the cells and the muscles of the pelvic region. This is a very practical, hands on module. You will be invited to deeply listen to the body, allowing sensations and feelings to arise, be met and experienced dissolving. Using the herbs as allies for softening and relaxing this tender area of the body sometimes described as a second heart. This module is packed with healing and explorative ways of deeply listening, attending and responding to the body. Processes and meditations are offered to loosen the chains of the psychological mind.

Module 2; Attending to any discomfort in the pelvic region

Attending to symptoms within the pelvic region of the body. This is an area of the body that is felt to be intimate, receptive and creative. Loneliness, disconnection and separation can also be experienced in this area of the body. All are welcomed and returned to the heart for healing. Individual symptoms and diagnosis will be explored alongside the cycles of menstruation and menopause. There are recommendations for using herbal and natural healing ways to attend lovingly to the body. Meditations and inquiry questions are offered to discover an ever-deeper truth of what we are experiencing here and now.

Module 3; Woman Kind

Exploring where does the identity of a woman arise? Experiencing the feminine face of wisdom. This module supports you in recognizing the connection of all women and explores the collective consciousness of womankind. This module explores the thought and concept of self-doubt.

Module 4; The feminine face of wisdom and healing

Saying yes to Life and the Divine feminine. Welcoming and allowing the life you are experiencing here and now. Exploring the roles of women kind in relation to the cycles of life experienced. In the allowing of the so called outer and inner experiences of life to be fully met there is no distance and no resistance between our outer and inner seeing, knowing and experiencing. We are free to enjoy and experience our aliveness.

Is this course for you?

This gentlest of invitations includes;

  • Listening to the body
  • Using herbs and natural healing to attend to the body
  • Releasing the chains of the psychological mind
  • Journaling
  • Meditations
  • Inquiry questions
  • Welcoming and softening of the whole pelvic region of the body
  • Celebrating womankind
  • Healing
  • Diving ever deeper in to the truth of who we are

A course that is so closely personal and yet at the same time it can be shared with all women.

The course is offered to be of assistance to all women for personal investigation and healing. Also to all those amazing women who choose to work with women affirming the joy of welcoming the feminine face of wisdom and healing in the particular expression that speaks to them. Be that as herbalists, health practitioners, counselors, healers, yoga teachers antenatal and birth workers and more.

How do I enroll?

The cost of the course is £300

Simply contact me to start the process. After receiving your payment Amanda will send you via email your first module. Alongside this you will be offered dates for your first monthly skype time.

Amanda will invite you to share a few paragraphs with her about yourself and why the course is of interest.

If you have further questions you are welcome to email me.

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Welcome World The Great Mother and the amazing power of softness