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Herbalist and natural healer Amanda Rayment draws upon over 30 years of experience working in particular with women’s and children’s health and wellbeing. All the formulas are prepared with love for you.

Herbal teas for menstrual wellbeing

Herbal infusions offered to support and nourish the menstrual cycle and the whole pelvic area of the body.

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Herbal teas for pregnancy, postpartum and mothering

Herbal infusions and washes to support you through your fertility, pregnancy, birthing and postpartum.

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Herbal teas for menopause and post menopause

Menopause is a state of transition and a wonderful opportunity to walk through this phase holistically and trusting our inner wisdom.

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Herbal teas for daily life and wellbeing

The smallest expression of kindness to the body can begin a healing/enlivening process.

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I also offer gift vouchers from £10-£50 to spend on teas, consultations or workshops.

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If you have particular symptoms and not sure what herbs are best, try a consultation.


Welcome World Herbal Teas