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The Soft Gaze

A new course offered by Amanda at a special price of £75 until March 31st 2021

A distance learning course for practitioners exploring the underlying harmony and flow of life in our daily life within the context of working as a practitioner and offering our services to others.

It is open to those who have previously joined Amanda either as a student or as a client. If you are interested in the course and yet are not a previous student or client you can email Amanda to discuss.

The course is offered as an off the shelf version.

If you would like to add an individual skype session to explore with Amanda your experience and reflections of each module. This is offered at a special price of £35 per Skype for the 4 months after you have purchased the course.

The course is a practical living inquiry with heart felt exploration. For all who have a passion and enthusiasm for offering their gifts/services to others, the signposts offered in the course point to direct experience within ourselves.

It is intended to be of assistance in the following ways:

  • Equally to longtime practitioners who feel to deepen their existing practice with a fresh aliveness and to those who are stepping out into their communities at the start of their practice
  • Aligning caring for ourselves alongside our clients
  • Clarifying our true desire/motivation in offering our services
  • Aligning this desire/motivation with heartfelt integrity
  • Welcoming the unfolding of life internally and externally as one flow of harmony
  • Allowing our family, home and work experience to infuse as one living heartfelt expression of our true commitment

There are 3 modules, each module contains:

  • Sharing from Amanda
  • Inquiry questions to live and infuse into daily life
  • Meditations
  • Creative exercises
  • A herbal ally to support the process of each module

Module 1: Willingness

  • Our own breath as our dearest friend
  • Clarity; What is our deepest commitment?
  • Our true location from which respond to our clients from

Module 2: Welcoming

  • Listening and Openness, exploring energy and sensation in the body.
  • Exploration and inquiry focused on leaning into our clients and leaning away from clients
  • Patterns and conditioning; including how our clients become our teachers
  • Acceptance and self kindness

Module 3: Celebration

  • Living with our own integrity
  • The Collective voice of womankind
  • The Soft gaze

The course will be open in August 2020, if you have any questions you are most welcome to email amanda@welcomeworldcafe.com

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