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Pregnancy, Postpartum and Mothering Teas:
Perineum Wash

A soothing herbal wash if you are experiencing discomfort with the Perineum after birthing your baby. Use 2 tablespoons of tea with a pint of boiling water. Brew, strain and add to bathwater. You can also use strained tea as a compress: simply soak a cloth or put in a spray bottle.

35g bag of tea


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Pregnancy, Postpartum and Mothering Teas Perineum Wash

Ingredients: Comfrey, Yarrow, Marigold, Lavender, Myrrh

All teas have been formulated by our herbalist Amanda Rayment. They have been shared and used by thousands of mothers and babies in Amanda’s herbal practice.

All herbs are sourced for their freshness, quality and method of growing, either wild crafted or organically farmed.