The many healing benefits of castor oil for the pelvic area of the body


The many healing benefits of castor oil for the pelvic area of the body

I often say I can not sing the praises enough of the benefits of castor oil. This golden, beautifully thick nectar soothes the body when applied through a castor oil pack.

The energetic and physiological function of castor oil can best be described as both drawing out and nourishing at the same time deeply in a localised area of the body. I only suggest using castor oil externally as when taken internally it is a very strong purgative. 

For this post I am going to share its use when applied as a pack over the pelvic area of the body. The beautiful qualities of castor oil when used as a pack remind us that it is safe to rest back and safe for the physiology of the particular area of the body to flow as part of the whole.

We could say the natural function of the body's physiology is rest and movement , alongside opening and closing.

Often when there are residues of old memories, behaviour patterns , old beliefs held in the muscles, tissues and cells of the body, a holding or tension develops in a particular area. Maybe a more accurate description would be a withholding. This sometimes arises as symptom, an uncomfortableness , tension or a strong feeling of density.

Within the model of care for the body I share is to respond to this withholding with love, holding the body safely as if it were a child. As the body is responded to ( tension and all) with spaciousness, a feeling of safety, softness, nourishment , a vitality of life itself can arise which is recognised and welcomed by the body.

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Welcome World The many healing benefits of castor oil for the pelvic area of the body

Castor oil is of great assistance in softening  the so called withholding  both energetically and physiologically then  from here it can then assist in nourishing and vitalising the particular area of the body. This results in an increased circulation and energetic movement and vitality .

Particular symptoms, diagnosis and discomfort in the pelvic area that castor oil packs can be of great assistance.

  • Fibroids
  • Cramping in the menstrual cycle
  • Cysts
  • Fertility difficulties
  • Endremetrosis
  • Excessive flow of your bleed
  • When there is long term discomfort or dissociation in this area of the body as a result of a previous experience
  • General well being for caring for this area of the body

Applying the castor oil pack

Give yourself the gift of of lots of time, lots of care and love when offering the body a castor oil pack. This can be such a beautiful expression of care and gratitude to this amazing vechile the body.

  1. Choose a comfortable place you can lay down with ease. May be place a towel to lay on.
  2. Very gently warm the castor oil on top of the stove. The oil needs to body temperature, no hotter. I usually suggest using your finger to gage the temp.
  3. Take the pan with oil heated in it to your comfortable place to lay down.
  4. You will need a cotton cloth ( an old tea towel works well or muslin cloths).
  5. Place cloth in warm oil until it's soaked.
  6. Place soaked cloth over pelvic area.
  7. Then place an old hand towel over soaked cloth, then place a hot water bottle on top. ( if you do not have a hot water bottle don't let this stop you applying a pack. The hot water bottle is simply to keep the oil warm for longer).
  8. Leave soaked cloth over the pelvic area for 15 mins minimum.
  9. This can be a great time to listen to this area of the body. By listening I am meaning, allowing sensations to arise, dance and dissolve or noticing feelings of density, uncomfortableness, may be feelings of warmth or of feelings of coldness. Listening, noticing with a soft gaze, by this I am meaning there is no right or wrong sensations / feeling. In other words we let the psychological dialogue have a holiday. 

How often castor packs can be applied

I feel 3 days in a row can be of assistance. Then once a week. As with everything you can get your own feeling and rhythm for how often to use the backs.

You are most welcome to email me with any questions about using castor oil packs.

Amanda x

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