Tea for pregnancy and new mothers - discover the benefits


Tea for pregnancy and new mothers - discover the benefits

The grandmother of herbalists today, Juliette de Bairacli Levy is often quoted as saying “Motherhood. What maturity there is in that word; all those “Os”. I couldn’t agree with her more!

For most women stepping into such maturity be that with our first child or our 4th we welcome some assistance along the way. All the nurturing and nourishment we offer the child in our womb can be the opportunity to welcome and receive nurturing and nourishment for ourselves as well. A lot of us find it easier to give to others rather than receive, in truth they are the same. Mothering is a wondrous opportunity to teach our selves that in the giving we receive. How great is that thought!

Drinking herbal tea during pregnancy

Herbs have a long tradition of supporting women in pregnancy whether attending to minor discomforts, affirming wellbeing or healing diagnosed symptoms. A cup of herbal pregnancy tea can offer a pregnant woman such gifts in terms of nourishment, sustaining well being and lifting the spirits. At Welcome World Herbal Teas we draw on this traditional knowledge and my personal experience and training as a master herbalist. But most of all it is the experience of working with so many women during pregnancy in my private herbal practice. The herbs used in our formulas are all friendly, familiar herbs which have grown in many back yards in Europe and North America for generations. I like to call them friendly, family kitchen cupboard herbs. The herbs I am going to share with you are all in Welcome World’s Pregnancy Joy tea, one of our most popular formulas and a perfect recipe for drinking tea during pregnancy. All four of the herbs used could be called mild, gentle, tonic herbs, nurturing and nourishing plants and yet what I have learnt in using and prescribing these herbs is that there is also a rock like strength and a sustained nourishment.

Drinking Nettle leaf tea in early motherhood

A herb that nourishes, such a beautiful no nonsense plant. Strength is offered in every cup of nettle tea. I would describe nettle as getting the job done. So whenever there is job to be done, extra strength needed or a change of direction in our life, such as during pregnancy, nettle assists us to be less fragile and has a very building and sustaining quality. It is also a great every day herb to brew up as a cuppa assisting us to be full of energy throughout the day. Nettle is often described as a uterine tonic herb. Nettle would always be in any pregnancy tea I formulate.

A cup of nettle tea is bursting with vitamins A, C, D, & K and the added benefits of minerals calcium and potassium.

Nettle Leaf can be found in the following Welcome World teas: Pregnancy Joy tea, Mamas Nursing Support, Kitchen Cupboard Brew, Morning Brew.

The benefits of Oatstraw in herbal tea

This is one of my favourite herbs to use on its own. Oatstraw is a very friendly herb and will fit beautifully in to any tea formula. Oatstraw oozes life force energy and saying yes to life. But what it whispers to me more than anything is reminding me to be kind to be tender with myself and others. Oatstraw based herbal tea nourishes the nervous system – so vital during pregnancy when meeting so much change in life. It has a normalizing effect on the whole physiology of the body when under any level of stress. Oatstraw is known to support conception and nourishes and soothes pregnancy. If these effects are not blessings enough there is more this great plant gives to us freely. Praises are sung regularly for oats ability to support the heart and increase energy levels; can you hear what I mean when I say ... it oozes life force energy? I believe as we support the nervous system and encourage the body to rest back our immune systems are enhanced. All of which supports the joy of pregnancy.

Abundant in Oatstraw pregnancy tea are vitamins A, C, E, & B and vital minerals calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium.

Welcome World Teas that containing Oatstraw: Pregnancy joy, Kitchen Cupboard Brew, Cupboard Love & Floras Flower Bath.

Lemon Balm Teas

This is a herb I enjoy and can be added to most teas. Lemon Balm supports the nervous system and the digestive system at the same time. As pregnancy moves through the trimesters there is a feeling of less space understandably for the mother and baby. This can be perceived in many different ways. Sometimes digestive systems arise as a result of less space and this is where lemon balm offers assistance. This herb is great to combine with nettle if you do not want to use an allopathic hay fever remedy while you are pregnant. Lemon balm is known for lifting our spirits and adds a delightful taste to any tea formula. Again enjoy the joy of pregnancy.

Minerals that are packed into a cup of lemon balm tea are: Iron, calcium potassium. Welcome World Teas that contain lemon Balm: Pregnancy Joy, Morning Brew and Evening Brew.

Deep-rooted goodness: Alfalfa

This herb pushes its roots so far down into the earth and draws up all the goodness the earth has to offer. Alfalfa is so rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin K. I would use it as herb on its own for assisting with a programme to lower cholesterol and also have used it successfully when extra weight or growth is needed. In pregnancy I use alfalfa as part of a formula tea to enhance general wellbeing. This plant is full of vitality and of course can be eaten sprouted as well as in herbal tea.

Vitamins A, C, E & K are packed into a cup of alfalfa herbal tea, along with minerals potassium, iron and calcium. Welcome World teas that contain alfalfa: Pregnancy Joy Tea, Celebration Tea.

Using Raspberry Leaf tea in pregnancy

In the last trimester of pregnancy (final three months) I suggest bringing raspberry leaf pregnancy tea into your kitchen cupboard. This herb I call a woman’s best friend. Raspberry leaf has supported and restored generations of women’s uteruses. A good tonic herb that supports women in preparing for birth, widely known as women’s birthing ally. Herbalists also call raspberry leaf an astringent herb as it assists in lessening the flow of discharge. Raspberry leaf tea is often defined as strengthening, tonic and supportive. Carry on having raspberry leaf pregnancy tea in the kitchen cupboard after your baby is born; it’s a great family herb that can be combined with nettle very easily for most family ailments and well being. Raspberry leaf pregnancy tea provides very easily assimilated calcium and iron for all the family .Only drink in the last trimester of pregnancy. Also make a large pot or flask to sip in early labour. Midwives and doulas enjoy a brew of Raspberry leaf tea as well not forgetting partners of course.

Vitamins and minerals that are packed in to a cup of raspberry leaf pregnancy tea: A B C E Calcuim iron potassium.

Welcome World teas for pregnancy that contain raspberry leaf; Raspberry leaf Tea, Mamas Nursing Support Tea, Moon Time Tea.

I hope this has encouraged you to believe that it is not only safe to drink herbal tea during pregnancy but also a delight and a blessing.

So relax, make a brew and enjoy.

Amanda x

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