Saying Yes To Life


Saying Yes To Life

This is the title of the final module in the course The Great Mother and the Amazing Power of Softness. For me these words invite us to to move within the world as our wholeness and for our location to be that of our being, our true self.

Here is a really simple yet really helpful tool in understanding what it means to say yes to life and from the understanding to directly experience wholeness. To live from this knowing.  For years I have used this simple exercise myself and also shared it with clients and students.

To breathe in Love, breathe out Love
breathe out Love, breathe in Love.

In completely living with this you discover that the breath is not two activities  ( the exhale and the inhale) with tension in between, (although I acknowledge at the start of witnessing the breath it may feel like this)  it is one movement of breath. 

There is an exhale, there is an inhale, it is one movement. This can be a wonderful signpost of understanding and experiencing the wholeness, the interconnectedness of everything.

This is the same for living life, for moving from our wholeness, to saying yes to life. There is a movement outwards of thoughts, activities etc and there is the relaxation inward as stillness." in the allowing of the relative and inner experience of life to be fully met, so there is no distance between outer and inner seeing and knowing. We are then free to experience our full aliveness."

In the course  The Great Mother and the Amazing Power of Softness  alongside listening deeply to the body and using meditations, we also accept the gifts of our herbal allies in softening, enlivening, nourishing both the physiology of the body and the subtle energetic body. Many of women's wonderful herbal allies are explored and experienced. 

Liberating the pelvic area is a wonderful explorative, investigative and nurturing process that supports experiencing our full aliveness. Many of us as women hold tension, discomfort and old memories in this area of the body. If you would like to know more about the course just check out the links.

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