Saying yes to daily life


Saying yes to daily life

Our daily lives are such a beautiful blessing and yet are often overlooked or dismissed as unimportant, sometimes even considered mundane experiences.

It is so easy to separate out all the different aspects of our life including our so called spirtual life , work, relationships resulting in living a fragmented life. Yet here and now is where the exquisite beauty of who we are is. By this I mean our true aliveness, awareness of which is interconnected with everything.

We can often be so busy attending to the details, attending to managing our lives and the lives of others, that we miss the many blessings/ opportunities that arise each day, each moment. It's almost commonplace to always be seeking from something else, something more than is here right now. As a result our daily lives are lived in the dialogues and constructs of the psychological mind.

Yet in front of us or may be it's more correct to say behind us is the direct experience, the knowing of our beingness, our aliveness. Daily life offers us an opportunity of a living meditation or equally we could use the word investigation. The invitation is always available, we simply welcome life to come to us. We allow this moment to reveal the truth.

Often to welcome or allow life to unfold a feeling of safety is of such assistance or else we simply end up using old patterns of behaviour under the guise of welcoming life. For myself and sharing with clients I offer the suggestion of allowing the feeling of being held in the arms of the universal mother, The Great Mother. Arms that gently support us with a gaze of unconditional care and love. To allow the feeling of being held by such arms to arise, for us to become familiar with such a feeling. So this is a great first step if you like that actually transforms into a constant. 

From this feeling and direct experience of being held safely, caringly and lovingly we can open to allowing/ welcoming what is arising in each moment. Our gaze softens from a grasping gaze to a spacious inclusive gaze. A gentle non agenda noticing discovers the interconnectedness of everything. As we put aside the psychological dialogue about our own life, we notice the beautiful byproduct of putting aside the psychological dialogues related to others. A connectivedness belonging to all signposts us to discover a yes to daily life. 

Welcome World

Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.

Welcome World Saying yes to daily life

In the role of herbal practitioner I feel to support the body while we are so called transforming or dissolving old patterns of behaviour and beliefs that no longer serve us. The residues of behaviour patterns, old memories etc can be held as different forms of contractions / tensions in the body. Herbs are wonderful allies supporting the body to soften, revitalise and release long held tensions.

Herbal suggestions to use as a daily cuppa during such times are:

Oat Straw

I often say drinking a cuppa of oat straw offers the qualities of being held in a warm blanket of love. Oat straw is one of my most used nervous system herbs in the role of practitioner. 

Nettle leaf

This a wonderful herb for offering strength and vitality to the body. Packed with vitamins and minerals.


A beautiful and gentle heart nectar. A herb that also supports the interconnectedness between the energetic and the physiological flow of the heart area and the pelvic area of the body.

If you would like to investigate the feeling / sensations that are held in the body as tension or uncomfortableness the following invitation is offered.

The invitation while including the herbs is to offer space when you feel drawn to listen, gently notice and allow sensations to arise in the body, dance and complete the sensation. The sensation maybe sometimes be of a solid, dense, uncomfortable feeling. Once again the invitation is to allow this feeling rather than trying to change it or bury it. Alongside to whisper to the sensation that it is safe to rest back into the spaciousness all around the so called uncomfortable, dense feeling.

Saying yes to daily life is such a beautiful opportunity to discover our true aliveness and our interconnectedness with everything that arises. 

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