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Caring for the body with powdered herbs

Added 04/10/2019

" and I said to my body softly,"I want to be your friend" it took a long breath and replied I have been waiting my whole life for this "


Care is a natural expression of our true self. Yet many times care is overlaid with conditioning in different forms including spiritual desires and beliefs about the body. This results in care being expressed in convoluted ways.

Can we open to the possibility of caring for the body in ways that express the purity of this beautiful quality of care? 

On pondering and investigating for myself caring for the body. I recognise if Love (of which care naturally arises) is a quality of the true self there is no way to cultivate/create care, it already exists. The doorway if you like is to discover what is not care.  

" Our task is not to seek for Love, but merely to find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it "  Rumi

Herbs are such wonderful assistance both physiologically and energetically to the body whispering to us softly of care. Reminding us of our natural state of knowing life as harmony. They are wonderful symbols or expressions of care for the body. Below are some of the ways I have discovered assist in the deepening of offering care to the body.

 To listen to the body deeply.

 To welcome the subtle energetic body to flow and relax as its natural state.

To nourish and nurture the body in daily life with herbs and whole foods.

Simple additions to daily life that support my heart to sing are.... 

Baths with herbal infusions to soften, relax and vitalise the body. 

Drinking herbal infusions.

Having a quiet time to reflect, inquire and meditate each day. First thing in the morning works well for myself as this reminds me that daily life is a mediation. Each moment offers the opportunity for the qualities of true self to shine at the forefront of our experiences.

Using the breath as a simple exercise; Breathing in Love, allowing the body to be infused with Love, breathing out Love, allowing the body to distil/dissolve as Love.

I offer these not as prescriptions simply as ways that may spark inspiration for your self. I have an enthusiasm for softening the body. By this i  mean that the cells and muscles of the body often become contracted, held in tension from old memories, past experiences. From this tension, reflexes arise accompanied often with some form of suffering either as a feeling or as a discomfort in the body or both.

Herbs are of great assistance in supporting the release of contractions in the body alongside the meeting of the feeling/sensations arising. By the herbs whispering of care, soothing inflammation, vitalising the cells and the muscles, relaxing and supporting the nervous system a sense/feeling of nourishment and nurturing flows through the body.

A form of offering herbs that are sometimes forgotten are powdered herbs. I can not sing their praises enough. Such wonderful qualities of softening, soothing and nourishing so deep into the body.

How to use powdered herbs;  I like to mix the powder with some yogurt  ( you can use plant-based or dairy) Or with some stewed fruit.  Or you can fill capsules with powdered herbs. Add to smoothies or simply mix with water.  Another way powdered herbs are of such fantastic assistance is using them externally on the body as a poultice mixed with a little oil or water. 

A few herbs that work well as powders ;

Marshmallow root  ( one of my favourites )

Slippery Elm

Tumeric  ( great  as a capsule )

Nettle ( wonderful in smoothies )  

So can we open to the possibility of caring for our body in a way that expresses the purity of this beautiful quality care? To allow the body to be held in arms of Love, the arms of the Great Mother. To  experience  the body with a soft, caring, loving gaze.

Enjoy and lots of love Amanda x 





















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