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The gifts of calendula to us in daily life

Added 02/10/2019

Calendula also called pot marigold always reminds me of summer sunshine. How can we not smile in response to this beautiful plant? So if its signature is sunshine and smiling, here are clues to the qualities that are offered to us in a cup of calendula infusion. We all know that when we are happy, our immune systems are supported and enlivened.

Calendula offers such deep and lasting immune support to the body, this allows bacterial infection and inflammation to dissolve. We could call calendula one of the herbalists' antibiotics.

Calendula is a plant that whispers to us of caring, calming and soothing any painful sores from infection or inflammation.  Simply put we could say calendula is an amazing ally for easing irritation to whatever degree,  either externally or internally. As a result of this soothing, nourishing care a healing process occurs within the body           and a responding sense of vitality arises. 

Ways calendula assists the physiology of the body;

As a wound healer which is perhaps how calendula is best known, it is always signposting us to nourish, soothe and nurture from the inside to the outside.

Calendula is of assistance to both the lymphatic system and the immune system. ( so great for swollen glands and tonsilitis ). Always enlivening the immune system.

Calendula is a strong blood cleanser and also a liver support herb.

Calendula is one of the herbs I turn to when I am creating a prescription for fungal infections. 

I use calendula energetically to soften and soothe tightening of either muscles, ligaments or the physiological mind. Whenever there is a feeling of tightness or stuckness if you like.

A special note for doulas and antenatal practitioners;

Calendula is a  wonderful herbal ally to carry in your postpartum medicine bag for use after the baby's birth if the mothers'  perineum has become bruised or sore.

Using Calendula for ailments, symptoms or  energetically;

As a herbal infusion to drink either as a single herb or part of a formula.

As a strong herbal infusion strained and added to the bath water or a foot bath.

As a strong herbal infusion for a compress.

As a salve.

Using calendula in daily life;

I like to have a jar of  dried calendula flowers in the kitchen cupboard to add to soups, casseroles etc especially during Autumn/ Winter time to support the immune system in a very generalised way.

Another simple and enjoyable way to include calendula is to make a herb honey or herb vinegar to use. Calendula honey is just delightful during autumn/winter time. 

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about this wonderful herbal friend and feel inspired to invite this sunshine herb into your kitchen to use both medicinally and as a well-being support during the autumn/ winter time for all the family.

I offer a distance learning course packed with herbal wisdom for you to use with your own wellbeing and health and your families. How to have your own kitchen pharmacy of healing foods and herbal remedies.  There are nine modules for you to discover, inquire and directly experience this very natural way to nourish and support the body in daily life. If you would like to know more about the course visit the website  welcomeworldcafe.com or email me directly amanda@welcomeworldcafe.com   I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy and lots of love Amanda x

amanda@welcomeworldcafe.com   for any questions or assistance using calendula.

Visit the website for herbal infusions either as Amandas' formulas or single herbs     welcomeworldcafe.com

For consultations with Amanda either by skype, telephone or face to face email  amanda@welcomeworldcafe.com
















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