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Skin To Skin Contact After Birth

Added 27/09/2019

There are so many amazing benefits for both mother and baby from experiencing skin to skin contact as soon as possible after birth. Some of which I have listed further on in the post. Many of them have been affirmed by scientific research from what was previously known by some through anecdotal evidence and instinctual knowing.

At the heart of these benefits for me is the quality of kindness. All of us know instinctually the benefits of kindness to any situation or relationship. Kindness speaks of unconditional care. Yet kindness to the body is often overlooked or dismissed as unimportant, particularly through our learned behavioral patterns. This default position of over-riding our instinctual knowing and responses produces subtle energetic and physiological layers of stress and an unconscious attitude of unkindness towards the body.

When a baby is offered this knowing of the benefits of unconditional care through skin to skin contact, we are affirming the naturalness of kindness for both mother and baby. This will be a direct experience of love.

Some of the benefits received by both mother and baby from skin to skin contact;

It raises oxytocin levels. This assists with the bonding process, breastfeeding and increases the sense of wellbeing for the mother.

Breathing;   The mothers breathing rhythm supports the baby in establishing its own breathing rhythm.

Blood glucose; Skin to skin contact supports the normalizing of blood glucose levels as a result of body temperature for the baby being stable quickly, less stress and that breastfeeding is more likely.

Bacteria; The healthy bacteria of the family will be introduced to the baby.

The skin to skin contact calms and relaxes both mother and baby after the birthing experience and reduces stress levels.

Its never too late for skin to skin contact to occur, if this has been missed immediately after birth for different reasons then the process can occur at any point during the postpartum period.  

The beautiful benefits of skin to skin contact can be shared with pregnant women by antenatal practitioners/teachers and doulas. Importantly, mothers themselves can share their direct experience with others. This is valuable, loving,  instinctual knowing that supports our wellbeing.

Enjoy and lots of love Amanda  x   

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