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A song of Love

Added 10/05/2019

There is a tribe in Africa that doesn't celebrate the child's birthday from the day he is born or the day he is conceived, but from the day he becomes a thought in his mother's mind.

When this happens the mother walks outside of the village, into the woods and sits in silence. As she sits with ears willing to listen, she begins to hear the song of her child.

When she knows this song within every fiber of being, she returns home. Once home she teaches the song to her partner. They begin to sing the song together with their desire to create a child. When the child is conceived the mother continues to sing the song to her child in the womb.

When the time is right she teaches the song to the midwives who are going to attend her at the birth. The song is sung throughout labour and birth.

During postpartum the mother sings the song to the child. When the time is right the mother teaches the song to the villagers. So that wherever the child goes while growing up there is always someone who knows his song. This continues through his life. Then when the time is right for him to leave the body the villagers gather and sing his song. 



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