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Added 28/04/2019

Welcome World Herbal Teas and Healing offers the Circle of Love to be of the highest benefit to all those who enjoy using herbs and natural healing tools in their daily life. To assist with health, wellbeing, healing and happiness.

Its a circle where herbs, healing and happiness can be explored and if desired directly experienced. The Circle Of Love consists of Welcome Worlds facebook page where bi-daily posts are offered, Amandas blog page where two posts a month are offered . The Prayer Of The Heart  group is offered on the last Friday of each month at 9pm UK time . You can join from your own home in stopping for a moment , lighting a candle and sitting in prayer/meditaion with the cuurent months particular focus of healing. 

If you enjoy the Circle and find the posts of assistance in your daily life there are many ways to dive deeper with herbs, healing and happiness by;

* Ordering herbal teas 

* Enrolling on the courses Amanda offers focused on Womens health and wellbing.

* Booking a telephone or skype consulataion with Amanda


Step out of the circle of time

And into the circle of Love.



Lots Of Love Amanda x


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