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The human body is a wonderful miracle. A beautiful expression of the light that we truly are. When a baby is born nourishment is of such importance. Nourishment and nurturing are so closely linked , its as if they infuse into one another.

There are many expressions of nourishment and nurture during the postpartum time that support the baby so beautifully and naturally.

* Being held in accepting, allowing, loving arms .

* Resting in deep sleep.

* Being offered liquid nectar in the form of milk.

* Lets  also not forget the amazing role of  the hormone oxytocin , often known as the hormone of love during postpartun. Its not always acknowledged that the  release of oxytocin continues after birth.

This wonderous hormone releases during breastfeeding as a natural part of the feeding  process. Oxytocin can also be released  naturally during formula feeding when the mother has eye to eye contact while feeding her  baby. The hormone of love will flow.

* Responding to the baby with the knowing that the nervous system and the digestive system is still in the process of developing fully offers nourishment and nurturing in yet another form.

Then when the time is right, the digestive system matures enough for teeth to begin to appear . This is a sign that the digestive enzymes are being created in the babys body. These enzymes assist with the absorbtion of a more solid  form of food other than liquid.

When the time is right..... this is the important signpost. In listenings to her own body and the body of her child there is a knowing, a wisdom within the mother as to when the time is right. I feel that it is important for the mother to be included in this decsion making as much as the baby. Its very easy in todays parenting arenas to hear the words baby led weaning, (which of course I acknowldge works wonderfully for some mothers and children) and not  to include listening to their own body . 

So we could say there is no prescriptive answer to when there is the right time , just the perfect timing for mother and baby. This perefct timing may also include other members of the family, it may include  start, stop, and restart weaning , it may include breastfeeding being the main source of nourishment , it may include a combination of both, it may not .  In trusting , in listening to her self  and listening to her child weaning unfolds in a process that serves the child , the mother and the family. 

Nurturing and nourishment is now unfolding in new creative ways. There can be as with all of responding to life unfolding, a feeling of change . This is neither right or wrong, its simply a vibration if you like, an enegertic  movement  of life. Of course sometimes there can be emotions arising for the mother,  maybe felings of a senes of loss of a particular phase in the childs development to be no more, also feelings of excitment of the so called next phase.  

Children are often naturally curious, investigative in a very open, spacious and accepting way. In noticing the childs curiousty and interest in food that others are eating can be a useful way to begin to respond to the start of weaning.

Here are 3 supportive tools that can be of assistance during weaning;

Oxytocin;  This wonderful hormone has a really supportive function in the weaning process just as it offered assistance during birthing and breastfeeding. The hormone supports the digestive system by nurturing and relaxing the nerve cells of the whole digestive system . Oxytocin can be released with loving eye to eye contact. So round the table at meal times the oxytocin can flow and not just during the weaning process. How amazing is this ?

Herbal support; I often suggest using the wonderful powdered herbs of slippery elm and marsmallow root. These are powdered herbs that not only contain amazing nutritional value but  also offer soothing to the whole digestive system. For me there is no weaning food of greater benefit to the digestive system that is still developing. You could use the powdered herbs instead of baby rice. Simply mix a little with breast milk or water, or another milk of your choice , or  a little mashed carrot ,or a little stewed fruit . 

Supporting the nervous system;  This may seem like an unusual suggestion to support the nervous sytem during the weaning process yet from my prespective its of such assistance. The digestive area is full of nerve cells in fact more than 100 million ! There is also direct communication from the gut to the brain. So at the start of this adventure for the child of the weaning process what a loving expression to gently hold the awareness of supporting the nervous system in general terms. One of the simplest ways could be  to use a herbal infusion in the bath water ocassionly or each time if you wish . There are many gentle, nourishing and sustaining herbs  that are supportive for the nervous system.

Steamed vegetables which are then blended can be a great first option either after or alongside using the slippery elm and marshmallow root powder. Then stewed fruits can be added, i often recommned cooked apple as it contains large amounts of malic acid which is so benefical for the digestive sytem and tastes delicious. There are many altenatives to dairy yogurts now which can be a lovely addition to stewed fruits. As the weaning moves along there are so many wonderful foods that can be added such as avocado mashed, bananas , hummus we can go on and on adding to the list. So enjoy the adventure and hopefully your child will also enjoy the adventure alongside you. 

Any questions about weaning you are most welcome to email amanda@welcomeworldcafe.com

If you would like to order the slippery elm and marshamallow root powder please use the link below


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