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5 Great herbal and natural healing remedies for you to make at home and store in your fridge.

Added 21/03/2019

Below are 5 great herbal and natural healing remedies for you to make at home and store in the fridge.

The Home herbalists kitchen pharmancy;

Through the direct experience of creating, making and using the herbal remedies , a confidence and knowing arises that you are able to respond to general symptoms and ailments. This self reliance associated with your health and wellbeing can be very powerful. Also there is the joy and simplicity of using ingredients with a connection to the earth to the world of plant medicine. You begin to connect deeper and deeper with the  beautiful ancient art of home herbal healing.

 1;   Turmeric paste;  Turmeric offers anti inflammmatory properties, immune support, assists with insulin resisitance, and packed with antioxidants and more !   Turmeric works best when taken with either protein or healthy fats .

Amandas turmeric paste.

Mix together 1/4 cup of turmeric powder with 1/2 cup of water in a pan, then very, very gently warm on the stove. When the mixture has become a paste , allow to cool. When  ready transfer the paste to an airtight container and keep in the firdge. The paste can be added to your cooking and of course can be used for the famous golden milk drink. Simply add 1/4 tsp of the turmeric paste to a milk of your taste , gently warm and then add honey. Enjoy.


2; Potassium broth;   As you can gather from its name this broth is packed with potassium. This easy to digest , gentle ,resortative broth is perfect  for recovering after illness, after surgery and also after childbirth. The broth is also very alkalising for the body so can be assistance for mood swings in general terms. It is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Potassium broth is great for mini kidney  support as it very gently flushes the kidneys and hydrates the body.

Amandas potassium broth.

Add to a pan

25% of potato peelings

25% of  chopped carrot and beetroot 

25% of chopped onions and garlic

25% of chopped celery and leafy greens

Add enough water to cover the vegetables , I like to add fresh thyme as well. Gently simmer on a very low heat for approx 45 mins . Then strain ( sometimes people ask me if they can leave the veggies in . The answer is yes but if you want to store in the fridge I would strain. So may be the first bowl of broth with the veggies then if you have made a batch, strain and store in the fridge.)



3; A simple and so easy to make cough syrup:

We all know that coughs in very general terms are the bodys way of clearing excess phlegm from the lungs. Sometimes its helpful to offer the body a soothing effective syrup to assist the natural process. ( of course there are times when we may need to consult a practitioner about a cough ). Here is a receipe that can be made very easily. I suggest with the syrup its only made when someone in the household has a cough and stored in the fridge for the days its being used. 

Amandas onion cough syrup.

Chop a onion finely ( a red one if you have one) and place in a jar, then cover the onion with honey. I usually suggest runny honey simply for ease but any honey can be used. Then leave for several hours until it has transformed into a syrup. Store in the fridge and take a tsp every few hours ( adults) for children ( do not give honey to children under one) 1/2 tsp a few times a day. Enjoy.

4; Barley water.  This is such a wonderful healing, sustaining and nourishing food source. To have a jug of barley water in the fridge that can be used either as a drink with lemon juice added for taste and a sprinkling of cinnamon  or added to your cooking  is such a blessing for wellbeing and health. When my children were young I would add barley water to sauces/stocks or mashed root vegetables.  

Blessings of barley , it assists in lowering cholesterol, helps balance blood sugar levels, packed with vitamins and minerals and is wonderfully supportive for the kidneys. Wonderfully nutrional and nourishing food source for both adults and children. I also feel its helpful to add to the diet if a child finds its difficult to be dry all through the night and this is destressing them.

Amandas barley water .

Add half a cup of barley and five cups of water to a pan, then simmer as gently as possible for 15 mins. You do need to keep an eye on the pan otherwise you could end with a pan of cooked grain and it is the barley water  you are using. Then strain and keep in the fridge. ( you can use the cooked grain you are left with in other ways)

Barley water doesnt taste of much at all, thats way its easy to use as an added ingredient in your cooking. If you want to drink the barley water I suggest 2 cups daily and also to add any or all of the following lemon juice , cinnamon or ginger.  Enjoy.

5; Digestive bitters.  

Digestive bitters are such a great way to support digestive health and wellbeing. They will assist with any of the following ; digestive discomfort, increasing digestive enymes, the breakdown of dietry fats, sugar and carb cravings, when a pick me up is needed after an illness or time of stress and our general wellbeing. They are also so simple to make.

Amandas digestive bitters formula;

Place in a kilner jar the following herbal allies

lemon peel,chamomile flowers, burdock root, hibiscus flowers, juniper berries, cinnamon chips. Then pour apple cider vinegar ( I like to use raw, unfiltered apple cider containing "the mother") until alll the herns are covered with the apple cider vinegar. Give the jar a good shake after clsoing the lid . Leave the kilner jar somewhere in your kitchen you will see it every day for 2 to 3 weeks, as it needs shaking daily. The shaking is important , my preference is to leave the infusion process for 3 weeks . Then your bitter are ready to be strained and can be stroed in a glass jar in the fridge. Enjoy.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the different remedies you can make in your kitchen pharmancy. Have fun and enjoy. x

If you would like to discover more about using herbs and natural remedies in your home do check out Welcome Worlds herbal teas  Face Book page where there are regular posts about herbs and natural remedies for you and your family.

To dive deeper into studying and using herbs and natural healing ways in your daily life I offer two courses

The Home Herbalist Apprentice Course.

The Great Mother And The Amazing Power of Softness. ( a course focused on healing the pelvic area for women).

Both courses are distance learning and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home with regular  one to one skype times .

To find out more visit the website www.welcomeworldcafe.com or you are most welcome to email me amanda@welcomeworldcafe.com

lots of love Amanda x
















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