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The alchemy of self care and healing after a C section.

Added 14/03/2019

The alchemy of self care and healing after a C - section.

After any C- section, some kind of recovery period is usually both needed and helpful due to it being abdominal surgery as well as  most importantly being the birth of the mothers child. If the C- section was planned there was the opportunity to explore beforehand the best recovery program , also there can be preparation for the gentlest if you like of experience.

Whereas if the C - section occurs after a woman has been in labour ( sometimes for some length of time)  and the decision is made to for a C- section or there is an emergency C- section, no such preparation for the surgery or recovery afterwards is in place.

As a doula or antenatal teacher/mentor there is the opportunity to offer support and assistance to women who have experienced a C- section. Sometimes this may be verbally over the phone or it maybe the mother finds it helpful for you to be there in her home assisting directly with some of the healing ways that offer a vitality to the recovery process. 

I have called this post "The alchemy of self care and healing" because the quality and vibration of self care, is the foundation to the unfolding of the healing process. Self care/self kindness is the start if you like of the softening , opening, of our hearts, minds, the physiological systems of the body all of which is of such assistance in healing process. 

Below are a few healing ways that can be offered from this foundation of self kindness. They can either be offered by ourself to our self .Or as a doula/antenatal practitioner they can offered to the women we work with.

First is the daily mantra of rest, rest, rest especailly after an unexpected C- section. This sometimes may need encouragement and affirmation from a loving presence such as a doula/antenatal practitioner, a partner, family member or friend. The instincts and knowing of a postpartum mother are  so strong to totally focus on their baby. This as we all know is so important in the bonding process.  I see no purpose and its of no assistance to try and discourage this.

A more helpful way can be to investigate ways in which the mother can be supported to be able to have some rest time each day alongside her beautiful focus of the care and bonding with her new born child. Creative, nurturing ways can be discovered of resting with a new born. 


Sipping herbal teas and bathing in baths with herbal infusions added. Both of which nourish and nuture the healing process;

Raspberry leaf, Rosehip, Alfafa and Oat Straw would all be my first choice of a  great  daily herbal cuppa during the recivery time . 


 To bathe in Welcome Worlds Floras Flower bath would be both relaxing and restorarive, both for mamma and baby. This formula contains marigold, chamomile, lavender and oat straw.

Taking herbal powder to deeply nourish the body;

I often suggest taking  2 tsps daily of marshmallow root and slippery elm powder mixed in some yogurt or stewed fruit after surgery. This willl assist in many ways. Softening stools ( not lossening) if  case there is any constipation as a result of surgery, nourishing  and restoring the digestive area after taking antibiotics, supporting breastfeeding, nourishing the whole body system. This herbal powder mix is wonderfully soothing ,nourishing and restorative.

The Blessing of massage. heart to hands;

Massaging the whole pelvic area is very supprtive of the healing process not just for the scar tissue but the whole pelvic region. Circulation/movement assists in so many ways ; to keep ciculation moving freely, to allow the tissue to release any held contracted tension and also the gentle whispering, deep into the level of the muscles and the cells that the body is cared for and the vibration of kindness is communicated.

Using an oil such as rose hip oil would be very nourishing for connective tissue. But dont wait until you have the right oil, olive oil that may be in the kitchen cupboard will work well . Its the movement ,the circulation, the gentle touch , the action of the heart to the hands that whispers of self care/self kindness. This only takes a few minutes a day yet is so very effective.

The simplest of tools;

Lets not forget simple acts such of using a hot water bottle, enjoying living for a few days in our pjs , opening to the assistance of others supporting us for a period of time. Enjoying nourishing soups , smoothies and as a said before the benefits of daily herbal cuppas.

The benefits of castor packs;

After a few weeks of recovery it may be of assistance to use a castor pack over the whole pelvic region. If you are not sure how to use a castor pack you are most welcome to email me and I will send you instructions. Castor oil packs have many benefits , that of supporting circulation, feeding and nourishing the area and also in a very localised area supporting the immune system. Women often say the feeling of a castor oil pack is so nurturing. In the role of practitioner  I can not sing their praises enough. 


Some women may find it helpful to speak to someone about their experience. Im not suggesting that women who experience a C -section need therapy. Not at all but a dear friend in which ever form ( partner, doula/antenatal practitioner, family member, friend ) who listens with ears willing to hear can be such a blessing . Sometimes the dear friend is writing in our journal or some other form of creative expression.

So many supportive, healing ways can arise through the action of self care/self kindness. Ways that nourish, nurture, restore and vitalise the body and allow the natural flow and harmony of the physiology of the body to flourish . Ways that both affirm and release the experience. Ways that allow and welcome the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of birth in which ever form it has been experienced.

From the location of everything is welcome at birth, the intensity, the rawness, the messiness, the courage, the in breath , the out breath, the beauty, the joy, the love.  From here the postpatum mother can walk through the recovery of her experience of a C- section in the arms of kindness,  as a loving, supportive expression and an opportunity to open her heart to the role of mothering deeper and deeper.  lots of love Amanda x


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Or if you have any questions you are most welcome to email me 


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