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What is Healing

Added 11/03/2019

What is Healing ?

I have found this question  " what is healing?" to be of such assistance as a practitioner, with the students I share with, and of course with my own life . Whenever we ask such a question we could say a discovery begins. Such a questions asks for more than simple intellectual knowledge, for me it signposts us to a deeper discovery . One of direct experince. A discovery that supports trusting what we directly experience rather than the default location of old beliefs and conditioning from others. 

 Here are some of the discoveries in asking the question " what is healing ?" We could call them direct experiences. My encouragement in sharing what I have discovered so far is for you in the roles of practiitoner ,  of  student , of you responding to symptoms of the body,  of  you living your life, is to ask such questions and discover what unfolds.

I really love the word alchemy, a noun that means transforming . It also offers space that there is no fixed prescriptive answer. Healing is an indvidual journey,  an opportunity for each of us to discover what is true and real for us. An opportunity to discover the true Self. A process that can be so rich , containing many so called indivdual threads of suffering, uncomfortableness, unhappiness offered to the arms of The Great Mother, the offering melted in the fire of alchemy and arising as our universal true nature.

 Of course its of assistance for all of us to ask and recieve assistance from others at  different times in our life in which ever form is the most helpful. The asking for assistance is an alchemy in itself .The one who asks for assistance and the one who is asked to assist . If there is no hierarchy in this relationship than again there is the oppportunity ( there may be a seeming surface hierarchy eg doctor/patient, Im speaking of a deeper acknowldgement) for transformation. This assistance can be from a book, a few words, heard in passing, a consulatation with a doctor/practitioner , a loving glance . I could go on listing ways we can recieve assistance. In the giving we recieve . In the receieving we give. 


 It is possible to loosen the chains of emotional and psycholgical suffering . It is possible to liberate from suffering. Suffering is often like a cloud around any situation    we experience that we desire to be different than how it is, at this moment. Sometimes this arises as a dense solid feeling/experience, sometimes a paralyzed feeeling/experience, sometimes a light misty feeling/experience . 

Self Kindness and the amazing power of softeness;

I feel this an immensely important aspect of the healing process. To be gentle and allowing with ourselves in my experience of both witnessing others through working as a practitioner and my own process is so powerful. I feel this enlivens the healing process. This is part of the alchemy of disolving the psycholgical and emotional suffering.  Self kindness is often considered to be " whishy washy"  and yet my direct experience is that it moves mountains. It takes courage and a trust in not knowing to explore self kindness  and softness. We have to look in the face many of our old beliefs  and conditioning from the past.

Responding to symptoms of the body;

The most powerful discovery is of responding to the body both pysiologically and energetically. The beleifs and conditioning most of  recieve us about the body  when investigated with direct experience are dissolved as not true . In addition to attending to the body to ease discomfort pysiologically we can investigate the symtoms and the body as an energetic vibration.

We discover that old memories, old conditioning patterns,old relexes are still playing out , even  when the chains  of the psycological mind have loosened or even liberated. That these contractions/reflexes can be held in the muscles and the cells of the body. 

In listening to the body and responding with openess, allowing, compassion and receptivity, all of which are qualities of the divine feminine, the great mother, sometimes called shakti. These words and names simply refer to the wholeness of welcoming what is here now in this moment. That being Love. Even if, all we are feeling in this moment is that we intensly want to get rid of this symptom or situation . By welcoming/allowing what is here in this moment in the arms of the Great Mother ( this is important that the allowing/welcoming arises from loving presence ) these contractions/tensions can be released.  This process supports the healing of the body in many ways.  

Using herbal allies to assist healing;

As a herbal practitioner there is the joy and creativity of using plants to assist with healing which I love to share with others.  The herbs offer reminders if you like as to what is ever present . They can assist with softening the body/mind. The herbs can whisper to us of relaxation, of vitality of energy, of saying yes to our life. The herbal allies contain properties that can nourish, nurture and support the physiology, signposting the body  to return to its natural flow and harmony. The herbs love to dance , to be infused with other herbs , infused with  the wonderful healing qualities of water in many different ways. As a daily cuppa of herbal tea, in baths, in footbaths, infused in oils, as powders mixed with foods and oils.  Each form if you like offering a different energetic quality.

The herbs  also dance beautifully with other ways of healing for example anyone exploring/investigating their inner psycholgical dialogues, previous experinces that were difficult , old and present behaviour patterns . I include in this any of us walking a spiritual path.; The nervous system comes to the forefront if you like in our experinces. I feel it is immensely helpful to assist and support the nervous system during any invstigative process. Herbs are wonderful allies  for the nervous sytem offering  nourishment, support, rebuilding opportunites and more to this particular amazing body system

In further blog posts I will discuss each of the discoveries in more detail . I end this post with Rumis amazing words;


 "Flow down and down in always widening rings of Being"

 Lots of Love Amanda  x

  Any questions/inquires about herbs,  courses offered by Amanda or consulatations, just email amanda@welcomeworldcafe.com







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