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Healing the pelvic area with herbal allies.

Added 18/07/2018

Offering healing to the pelvic region in the form of herbal allies offering nurturing and norishment for womankind;


When developing a herbal formula it is of assistance to listen to the dance of each plant. Do they enjoy dancing together ? Or would they prefer to be used as a single herb infusion?  If one plant does the job well what is the purpose in adding another herb reproducing the same action. 

The Pelvic tea formula was created after years of working with womens fertility, pregnancy, menstrual cycles and pelvic floor health. The pelvic region includes the womb, the ovaries, the cervix, the vagina, the perinum and the pelvic floor. All the aspects of the pelvis flowing into each other, supporting  and assistingeach other. At the same time each aspect having its own function and energetics as well as being part of the whole. Amazing isnt it !

Witnessing and listening deeply to this area of the body with the feminine qualites of receptivity and acceptance offers in my experience the amazing quality of softness. As the residues of tension, constriction, irritation and inflammation in the cells and the muscles are met with an allowing welcome, there is a softening. This enables the old memories held as residues energetically dissolve . The body opens to the unfolding process of returning to its natural nature.

The herbal allies offered in the formula bring their gifts to the body both physiologically and aslo energetically including the feeling, sensation reflexes of the body .

So which herbs dance together in this healing formula ?

Raspberry leaf


Angelica archangelica

Rose Hips

In this post I invite you to make friends with two of the herbs you may not be so familar with, Angelica Archangelica and Rose hips. many of you probably already know of the gifts  Raspberry leaf and Motherwort offer womankind.

Angelica Archangelica.

I feel this plant is an angelic prescenece for womankind.

Angelicas message to us is one of affirming strength and comapssion to womankind.

She whispers to us of letting go and transformation.

Both medicinally and energetically Angelica supports and assists circulation in the pelvic region.

Angelica is a wonderful smooth muscle relaxant. Calming and toning the eplvic region.

Angelica warms the whole pelvic region so helpful when there is a feeling of trauma held in the is area of the body.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you beautiful and graceful Angelica Archanagelica. x


Rose Hips;

How wonderful and delightful are Rose hips.

Rose hips offer us qualities of toning smooth muscle and connective tissue.

Rose hips are packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

Rose hips are also heart medicne so just perfect for the heart uterus conncection.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you beautiful Rose hips.

This formula can be drunk as your daily cuppa ( 1tsp per cup)

or you can make into a stronger infusion to use in baths, footbaths , steams ( 1 tablespoon to a jug of boiling water, steep for a good 10 mins ) .

Enjoy the formula that is for all women and enegetcially celebrates the feminine qualities of wisdom. lots of love Amanda x


Pelvic tea formula



To dive deeper in to listening to the pelvic region and welcoming healing. Amanda offers a distance learning course accompanied by mothly individual skype sessions.

The Great Mother and the amazing power of softness.

The gentlest of invitations is offered for healing the pelvic area including the womb.







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