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Lets not fear the word healing

Added 28/06/2017

Opening our hearts to the Wise Woman within.

What does it mean to say you work in the arena of women’s healing?

For some years now Dominique Sakoilsky and myself have been training women healers through our courses Antenatal Wisdom and Women’s Wisdom. We deeply affirm each student’s potential and inner light to step into this arena .

Women healers’ offer their services responding to the symptoms, diagnosis and the particular life cycle experiences that women bring to them and most importantly to the women themselves. To the lives that each particular woman experiences, to the relationships she embraces, the particular women’s life cycle she is experiencing and to the light that shines within each woman walking on this earth.

What does this ask of the women who train and work as women healers?

A student healer is invited to allow a trust in her self to arise not simply from a place of a learned behavioral pattern of confidence. This trust is one of knowing, of direct experience, of humility and gratitude. The way or the form that each women healer offers her services is varied not only from healer to healer but for the individual healer as well.  How else can we respond to each woman and her experiences and symptoms, difficulties and life cycle without this willingness to start a new a fresh or we could say with a clean slate? If we have a set prescription that has to fit each woman this is starting from a place of constriction and many times is limited in its effects.

Recognizing the power of deeply listening to the client and also to the body is the foundation of any women’s healers’ work. To be open to working in this way asks of the healer to hold steady to her knowing and direct experience of what is authentic and true.

So as with any healing model of medicine in the world, women’s healing is a rich tapestry. One which includes an approach of tenderness, gentleness and a compassion, all of which I feel cannot be underestimated in their power to heal and transform. Alongside a certainty, a deep and experienced knowing with a strength and clarity which could be seen as the roar of a lion. Both these approaches offered are so closely connected that there is no gap between them.

The enormous legacy that is inherited from women healers’ is rich and varied. Many of these healers both past and present have mustered immense courage to share and offer their particular wisdom and healing ways to other women. So lets embrace, claim and affirm healing as an aspect of women’s lives. Whether we are speaking of women who professionally work in this role or mothers in their homes, women in their extended communities, families or work place, all are expressions of the wise woman within.  

Healing is simply a word and is varied in its perception and opinion of its meaning. This why on our courses we explore what healing means to each of us. We investigate why we each of us wants to work in the arena, to have clarity as to why we want to work with women. This supports and affirms the trust in the work that each healer offers.

Healing is a word that symbolizes wholeness and the light that each of us truly is. Healing is part of our heritage as women. Throughout the history of women working in the healing professions including midwives, herbalists, nurses, healers and community wise women it has waxed and waned with both the recognition of the work and also the experiences of being ignored and undermined.

At Antenatal Wisdom and Women’s Wisdom we hold steady to the knowing that women’s healers are valuable, most needed, powerful and effective catalysts of Love. 

If you would like to know more about training with Amanda Rayment on the courses she offers with Dominique Sakoilsky check out the links below.



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