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Herbs that whisper of life.

Added 04/10/2012

Herbs that whisper of life.

An observation i have made after working with many women with a desire to concieve a child. Is that that the child  can be the exquisite by product of that desire , but it is the decision to have a child, to become a family.  When there may be many seeming obstacles in the way, either in circumstances or with the physical body.  And yet i have witnessed when there is a willingness to walk through all the 'yes buts', meet the so called difficulties, and let go off  any beliefs that no longer serve us. This process is where the healing lies.By this i mean that if it is the thought of having a family that makes the heart sing and then the decision is made to try and start a family and there is a willingness to walk through all the ' yes buts' , healing occurs through this process. Sometimes the effect of the healing is a child , sometimes not. The healing is always a  sense of peace within us that we may not of always recognised before, also a deper knowing of who we are from which a natural state of happiness arises.

The main tool  in my herbal practice is to encourage self kindness, to be gentle with ourselves, over and over again!  Our harsh thoughts about ourselves and others are so painful and although we may know they are of no assistance, we  still find ourselves addicted to them. Sometimes projecting them onto others, othertimes internalizing them. So working with the herbs can be a wonderful opportunity to remind ourselves to be gentle and tender.

Today i am going to share the herb oatstraw with you, as many of you know it is my favourite and most used herb in my herbal practice. Over the next  week i will write about other herbs that i use to support conception.  

Oatstraw speaks to me of life force energy, of saying yes to life. More than any other plant it whispers to me to be gentle to be tender with myself and of course others. It feeds and nourishes the nervous system . As i said on face book it has a normalizing effect on the whole physiology of the body particularly whenever the body is under stress.Oat straw supports conception and it is packed with vitamins and minreals. it has along tradition of being  a conception herb.This plant is not just for drinking as a great tea, why not try an oatstraw bath ? Simply add one tablespoon of oatstraw to a  large jug, pour on boiling water, steep for 10 minutes, strain and add to bath water. rest back and enjoy !While drinking a mug of oatstraw tea!

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