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The Prayer of the Heart Retreat

Added 11/02/2014

This week has seen a flurry of interest in our May retreat at Gravito this Spring. It has got me pondering and questioning what do we hope from this time together? I looked up the origins of the word ‘retreat’ which comes from the Latin word retrahere which means to pull back. So how might we benefit from “pulling back” and what does that mean? I began to question what will we be pulling back from and where are we pulling back into? If I come to myself I can see there are ways and places that I get pulled out of my Self, in a way that I may become disconnected from who I am and my heart’s prayer. Life can be experienced as relentless in what needs attention, and yet much time and energy can be thrown into actions and words that don’t necessarily look after us. Who are we when we are not in role or in some idea of who we think we should be? How freely and unfettered do you walk within yourself? Are you prepared to put some time and commitment into finding out?


We will be offering the opportunity to “pull back” or rest back into yourself, be nourished by what you find there and inspired to return to your life with increased clarity and knowing.  Through the practice of self-enquiry we will begin to give time and space to the “I” free of roles. All of us have those places where we notice agitation and lack of peace, whether it’s in relationship, work, money, parenting or health. This work is offered in a safe environment by practitioners who have years of working with both clients and themselves. As we all have a background in the arena of birth and parenting we will be attending to birthing ourselves and healing those parent-child relationships which even if historic still inhibit the present moment.


This retreat is offered to all who want to work with the prayer of their heart. Gravito offers us a place to step out of everyday life, to pull back from demands and needs and be in an environment of natural beauty and delicious food, good company and exciting possibilities. We will take walks, swim in waterfalls, eat delicious food and have fun together with body work, yoga, exploration and tools for deep understanding, Might this be the right time and place for you to take time to get clearer as we step further into 2014? Is there a voice within you that calls for gentle listening and nurturing? Perhaps you are making some important transition in your life right now, or are looking for restoration and energy for living? If this idea of a retreat touches a place where it just sounds like a great idea, then why not consider the possibility of giving this to yourself? Together we will discover what it means to “pull back” and disengage with life as we know it, even if for just 5 days, and nurture the possibilities that we may find there.


I have had the reminder recently that sometimes being willing to bring out those parts of ourselves that feel a little tight or uncomfortable, and just offer them to the elements in an environment of Love and acceptance, can bring phenomenal healing and integration. The image that comes to mind is that if I had a piece of old rope, a bit tattered, with some knots in it that had accumulated along the way I would want to bring space not tension to that knot in undoing it. I might sit in the sun, with good company and clear mind, and tease the tightness out, let it be warmed by the rays of the sun, washed by the flow of the waterfall, tickled by the rustle of the wind, and almost without knowing it by some miracle the knot would be gone. This is our invitation to you. Whether you feel the knots of life or you are wanting to rest back in yourself and see what happens, this may be the experience to gift yourself with this Spring. Let all that is not truthful to you and your heart be undone. What will be liberated in this space is for us to find out and I have a sense that it will be well worth the decision.


I come again to Rumi and his poem of Love:

Your task is not to seek for Love but to find and seek for all barriers that you have built against it

So, people, come come whoever you are, let the barriers be undone and let Love be our teacher.



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