Nine easy ways to support and nourish your nervous system in daily life


Nine easy ways to support and nourish your nervous system in daily life

Nurturing the nervous system is at the heart of caring for the body in a very functional way. When the nervous system is cared for in a way that respects its function, it gently whispers to all the other systems of the body "It is safe to allow the interconnectedness of each system to support, enliven, and flow together as one beautiful physiological dance."

What I mean when I say respect the nervous system function is that our nervous systems are like loving arms that can offer support to the whole physiology of the body. When the individual systems of our physiology rest back in such loving arms there is both relaxation and simultaneously a vitality.

Most of us have unconsciously overworked our nervous systems. Many of us have inherited nervous systems that are tense and contracted from generations of our birth families. The body over time becomes conditioned to be held in a continual tension one way or another.

I don't say this in a fatalistic way, more as a clear seeing if you like. Self-honesty moves mountains, in the sense that if a learned or inherited pattern of stress/tension is seen clearly, acknowledged / welcomed rather than being pushed away there can be the opportunity for the tension to be listened to and unfold.

Consistent droplets of “TLC” to this exquisite and subtle network of communication called the nervous systems can be like wrapping a child in a blanket of love. In response to such “TLC “, the nervous system then holds all the other interconnected systems of the body in its loving arms.

I use the word droplets because of the nervous system's subtle nature. I have a house plant that responds to the light with movement of opening and closing. At dusk, it gently folds up its leaves and in the morning the leaves open wide. Sometimes I notice this movement through a subtle sound, through subtle movement of the air or the leaves themselves gently folding or unfolding. Each day I delight in witnessing this innate response of the plant to light.

In a way, our nervous systems respond in a similar function, opening and closing, resting back or alert attention. It may also be the nervous system has almost frozen in overly alert attention resulting in tension/stress as a result of the sympathetic nervous system being the default response to daily life.

Notice how our nervous system functions

So, our first droplet of “TLC” could be to notice how our nervous system functions. Not trying to fix it or want it to be different. Just noticing, and listening to how the nervous system functions within our body. How it feels, and how it responds to different situations. Once we are aware of how our unique nervous system functions’ we can begin deepening the care we offer to the body.

A daily cuppa

This is such a simple yet very effective way to offer support to the nervous system.

On the days you have space you can use the daily cuppa as a bite-size piece of tender care. The act of stopping for a moment to enjoy the break. To maybe sit in your favorite spot in your home and affirm the nourishment to the nervous system. Other times it may be drinking the cuppa while attending to another activity. The herbs will still offer their wonderful qualities to your nervous system.

Which herbs for the daily cuppa?

Oat Straw is the herb that always takes center stage in my apothecary. I cannot sing its praises enough as a nervous system restorative herb. Packed with nutritional nectar as well.

If your nervous system feels in need of support, I suggest you start with Welcome Worlds Nerve Ease Tea. As well as oat straw it contains motherwort and rosehips.

Sip tenderly allowing the herbal nectar to nourish and nurture the nervous system. Enjoy and restore.

Afternoon "pick" me up which also nourishes the nervous system

Oat or almond milk latte can be a nice afternoon pick-me-up for the nervous system. Instead of coffee, you can add powdered herbs such as rose, cocoa, turmeric, and more. Both the almond and oat milk support the nervous system. Also, you could add Welcome World's Nerve Ease powder of Oat Straw, Motherwort, and Rose.

If you prefer you could prepare a smoothie, again, use almond or oat milk with powdered herbs added or Welcome Worlds Nerve Ease powder of Oat Straw, Motherwort, Rose.

Baths with herbal infusions or essential oils can be a great resource to start restoring the nervous system

When adding an herbal infusion to your bath water add 1 tablespoon of dried herbs to a pint of water, steep for 10 minutes, strain, and add to the bath water.

Suggestions of herbs for bath infusions:

  • Oat straw
  • Chamomile
  • Vervain

Aromatic Essential oils are of assistance in restoring the nervous system. Just add a couple of drops in the bath water.

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Vetiver

Once you are resting back in the bath water you can allow the feeling of the body expanding. This assists with the body's relaxation. It's the feeling you are inviting to come forward.

After your bath, you can apply sesame oil to your skin. This is a really nourishing oil and so great for the nervous system (the herbalist Ananta recommends this and now I'm a fan).

Foods that nourish the nervous system

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Healthy fats (nuts, avocado, olive oil, sesame oil)
  • B vitamins (engevita is a good and easy source of B vitamins, simply sprinkle it on your food)
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Seeds (pumpkin, chia, sesame)
  • Beetroot
  • Celery
  • Lettuce
  • Spirulina

Powdered herbs can be added to our daily diet. They can be stirred into any kind of yogurt or smoothie-style drink

My suggestions as to which herbs would be the following:

  • Welcome Worlds Nerve Ease powder of Oat Straw, Motherwort, Rose.
  • Skullcap and Rose powder is also a great formula for the nervous system.

If you feel your digestive area is disturbed alongside the nervous system, adding slippery elm, meadowsweet or marshmallow root powders can be of assistance.

To order powdered herbs or teas email [email protected] if you are not sure which powdered herbs would be of most assistance you are most welcome to email and check with Amanda.


The body loves to move, and movement creates circulation of the fluids in the body and can assist in relaxing the nervous system.

Whatever form of movement you are drawn to will be of assistance. Also, I would include bodywork in being of assistance to the nervous system. Tension gets held in the muscles and the cells of the body and the many forms of bodywork can ease or release such tension.

Water used to create movement/circulation in the body can be of immense benefit

The healing power of water can have a nourishing impact on the body. As I mentioned above, we can use baths infused with herbs to offer such nourishment. The shower can be used to create more circulation in the body, particularly the blood. The fluids flowing through the body are the environment that the cells live in if you like and thus have an effect on the cell's well-being. Also, the muscles and tissues are nourished by such movement of circulation. Water can be a wonderful blessing for the body's well-being.

Using the shower to create circulation in the body.

Start with hot water to bring the circulation to the surface of the body, then cold water to push the circulation deep into the body. Continue like this for a few minutes, ending on a cold-water cycle.

Activities that support our heart to sing will offer such nourishment to the nervous system

Whenever possible we can choose to add such activities into our daily lives. Doing what we enjoy brings a deep relaxation to the body/ mind. It may be bite-sized pieces to start with yet the nervous system will respond to such nourishment.

Sometimes it may feel that other systems within the body also need support such as the digestive system, the liver, the lungs, the mind, or the heart. This is when a personal herbal formula created for your symptoms could be of assistance. In such cases, my suggestion would be to book a consultation.

For any of the herbal formulas or questions just email Amanda at [email protected] 

Amanda x

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