Listening to the body


Listening to the body

I have received a lot of enquires during these times of the corona virus asking about the effects of the mind on the body and the body on the mind. So this is the first in a series of posts that I hope are of assistance in some way in answering the questions.

I will also include our herbal allies and how they can be of assistance in nourishing and nurturing the body, soothing inflammation if needed. Also vitalising the cells and the muscles.

This first post I have called Listening to the body and to me feels like the first step if you like. The physiology of the body is always moving, we could say dancing. The energetics of the body are so beautiful when viewed as a dance. 

Constantly opening and closing, sensations arising, sensations dissolving. Breathing in, breathing out. Each of the physiological systems opening and closing over and over again as this beautiful dance. In response to the interconnectedness of each system.

If we deeply investigate the body/mind connection we see that with each so called belief and all the thoughts/feelings attached to the belief,  there is an interconnectedness with a sensation in the body. 

Often the body/mind connection is so infused, so tangled up together that we do not even notice such an association.

Its the same with emotions which again when we deeply investigate its possible to discover that they are triggered by bodily sensations. These sensations are also infused if you like with remnants of old memories. The sensations mixed with beliefs are very often associated with what is sometimes called the "me" feeling or the seperate self feeling.

Reflexes again open and close. There can be fired up into opening and also lay dormant in the muscles of the body.

If we choose to listen to the body (without the psychological dialogue), what I mean by this is not that we try and stop our thoughts. All of us know if put a lot of energy/effort in trying to stop arising thoughts they are more than likely to intensify.

Whereas in (borrowing someone else's words ) "making a commitment to something other than the psychological mind " we simply allow what is arising to move freely within the spaciousness of presence. Meditation is a demonstration of this, we commit to the silence of the heart rather than the silence of the mind.

We can allow sensations to dance freely. There is a process if you like of liberation. The sensations are simply welcomed as sensations arising, sensations dissolving. We allow the body to function as its true nature, not as a solid closed system.

In responding to the invitation to listen to the body there is a deep relaxation. This experience of kindness to the body can begin a profound healing process. 

Herbal allies that support, nourish and vitalise the body in our daily life.

Oat Straw

I can not sing the praises enough of this wonderful herb. For me it reminds us of self - kindness and tenderness, gently whispering to us with each sip of infusion or immersing the body in a bath infused with its properties " be gentle towards yourself".

Packed with vitamins and minerals,  restoring and vitalising the nervous system, offering support to the heart, whenever there is stress oat straw assists in normalizing the whole physiolgy of the body.

Nettle leaf

Again a herb packed with vitamins and minerals. A great well- being herb as an everyday cuppa or when we feel low energy. I  also use nettle a lot whenever movement is required, by this I mean when we have experienced an illness there often comes a point in the recovery process where an added movement is needed ( i am not speaking of pulling ourselves together or getting on with it regardless of how we feel ). A great tonic for the lungs.

Marshmallow Root powder

Another gentle, restorative, soothing and vitalising herb. This powdered nectar so gently soothes and restores tissue. I love it !

Any questions about responding to the body with kindness or our wonderful herbal allies you are most welcome to email me.

Amanda x

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