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New Service is launched; Apothecary Teas

Lovingly formulated teas for you by Amanda Rayment.

I am offering a new simple service to respond to discomfort experienced in the body. Amanda. x

Would you like to bring an end to menstrual discomfort?

Would you like to be less stressed and enjoy a good nights sleep?

Exhausted Mama! Do you love being a mother and yet also experiencing exhaustion?

Step 1

You email Amanda with a description of the particular symptoms you are experiencing.  

Step 2

Amanda will formulate 2 herbal teas for you to use at different times over the next month. Each attending to an aspect of the symptoms you are experiencing.

Step 3

The herbal teas specially formulated for you are posted. Also you will receive an email with notes suggesting additional natural healing tools that will assist with your particular symptoms and can be used in your daily life.


£25 (including postage)

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