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Amanda Rayment

About Welcome World Herbal Teas

Amanda Rayment is a trained practitioner in herbal medicine, a woman’s health and healing educator, speaker and mentor. She has over 25 years experience as a practitioner and educator in herbal medicine, antenatal/childbirth education, women’s health and healing including menstrual health, fertility care, and pregnancy and birth care and family relationships.

Amanda has trained and graduated in the following; 

  • Herbal medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Natural healing methods
  • Pre and Peri natal psychology
  • Antenatal teaching /education
  • Doula/birth companion
  • Women’s physiology
  • Shamanic healing
  • Energy healing
  • Heart womb healing (both with Stephen Levine teachings and Rosita Arvigo Maya healing approach)
  • Plant spirit medicine

Amanda is a member of the following professional associations;

  • The Association of Master Herbalists
  • The Federation of Antenatal Teachers
  • The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Learn, Discover and Train with Amanda

Amanda Rayment

Amanda has created courses that have inspired and informed students from all over the world. Two of the courses are accredited professional training programs;

Amanda also offers mentoring sessions to newly qualified Herbal Medicine graduates.

Amanda offers consultations either by skype or telephone.

Amanda is well known for her clarity, open mind and open heart acting as a catalyst for change and healing and offering a sign post to discover for your self the benefits and blessings of deep inner reflection.  Her gentle approach both in her client work and teachings offer a safe and open space to discover and experience seeing through the eyes of love rather than fear. 

What inspires Amanda?

I love to gather with others and use questions that direct us inward to a knowing of peace and happiness.

The parent and child relationship offers so many opportunities to discover a deeper knowing and truth beyond the roles we play either as a child or a parent.

Nature as an expression of beauty and peacefulness; I particularly enjoy the experience of walking along a beach or through a forest.

Using herbs and natural healing methods in my daily life, I just love them!

Travelling and discovering how each community has its own particular healing tools.

Listening to bird song.
Swimming in the sea.
Walking the dog. (Not always in the rain!)

Last but by no means least spending time with my family. Watching how my sons have grown into amazing openhearted men. Inheriting wonderful daughters through my sons (a wife and a partner). And being so blessed with grandchildren.