Welcome World Herbal Teas

Assistance for womens' health, wellbeing and happiness


There are three projects that Welcome World hopes will enfold:

A series of inspirational study days for anyone who has completed the training programmes and others who may wish to join the days. The purpose of these days would be to nourish and inspire all of us who work in this arena. I hope this will be a joint venture with Dominique Sakoilsky and Louise Bennett who also train many women to work in this arena.

A monthly drop in centre will be held in Wells Somerset where women can receive a free 15 minute consultation either during pregnancy or after the baby’s birth. Welcome World Teas will be on sale. Someone who works as a doula will be available to talk through what services a doula offers. Visiting practitioners from this arena will be invited to offer small talks. Mothers can meet each other and make new friends. I hope this can be offered in other parts of the country in time. Amazon films (see links) are supporting this project.

A project that is still very much a thought in my mind is to acquire a piece of land to plant a herb garden and also house a building that can be used for workshops. This way the plants can be enjoyed and experienced directly by students and participants.

Look out for news on all these projects.

Lots of love  Amanda.,