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I have received a lot of enquires during these times of the corona virus asking about the effects of the mind on the body  and the body on the mind. So this is the first in a series of posts that I hope are of assistance in some way in answering the questions. I will also include our herbal allies and how they can be of assistance in nourishing and nurturing the body, soothing inflammation if needed. Also vitalising the cells and the muscles.

This first post I have called Listening to the body and to me feels like the first step if you like. The physiology of the body is always moving, we could say dancing. The energetics of the body are so beautiful when viewed as a dance. 

Constantly opening and closing, sensations arising, sensations dissolving. Breathing in, breathing out. Each of the physiological systems opening and closing over and over again as this beautiful dance. In response to the interconnecteRead more...

At the start of lock down , I offered a few posts on Welcome World Herbal Teas face book page covering supporting and nourishing the body in the context of the coronavirus arising in our communities and the World.  

Today I offer herbal musings from a notebook I have kept during this period we call  lockdown. Some of which have come from listening and responding to clients direct experience. Some have come from my own direct experience and insights gathered from the small amount of information now available about the virus.

Always acknowledging the very little any of us know about this virus. As you may have seen in scientific videos/images of how this virus enters the body and invades the different systems of the physiology.  The virus has a profound intelligence in terms of invading the body and an extreme contagious ability.

 A virus not to be underestimated at any point and asking of us our full attentRead more...

This is the title of the final module in the course The Great Mother And The Amazing Power  Of Softness.  For me these words invite us to the following;

To move within the world as our wholeness.

For our location to be that of our being, our true self.

 Here is a really simple yet really helpful tool in understanding what it means to say yes to life and from the understanding to directly experience wholeness. To live from this knowing.  For years I have used this simple exercise myself and also shared it with clients and students.

To breathe in Love, breathe out Love     breathe out Love, breathe in Love.

In completely living with this you discover that the breath is not two activities  ( the exhale and the inhale) with tension in between, (although I acknowledge at the start of witnessing the breath it may feel lRead more...

Most of us have a strong reflex/impulse for our attention to be focused outwards. Busy with all the external circumstances, busy doing our best to manage our external circumstances, busy attending to almost every detail externally.

What if we stopped for a moment and walked through another door ? If we turned our focus inwards. This does not mean that we ignore or turn our back on external circumstances. Simply that we soften the gaze to include and to care for ourself simultaneously as caring for others or attending to our daily life.

It often feels as if we have to choose between our hearts and our minds. We could say listening to the heart is the inward pathway and listening to the mind is the outward pathway.

When the door to the heart path is walked through, we discover the mind distils into the heart. In this distilling process of allowing outer and inner processes to be fully met, there is no resistance or we could say no dRead more...

Calendula also called pot marigold always reminds me of summer sunshine. How can we not smile in response to this beautiful plant? So if its signature is sunshine and smiling, here are clues to the qualities that are offered to us in a cup of calendula infusion. We all know that when we are happy, our immune systems are supported and enlivened.

Calendula offers such deep and lasting immune support to the body, this allows bacterial infection and inflammation to dissolve. We could call calendula one of the herbalists' antibiotics.

Calendula is a plant that whispers to us of caring, calming and soothing any painful sores from infection or inflammation.  Simply put we could say calendula is an amazing ally for easing irritation to whatever degree,  either externally or internally. As a result of this soothing, nourishing care a healing process occurs within the body           and a responding sense of vitaliRead more...

Welcome World Herbal Teas and Healing offers the Circle of Love to be of the highest benefit to all those who enjoy using herbs and natural healing tools in their daily life. To assist with health, wellbeing, healing and happiness.

Its a circle where herbs, healing and happiness can be explored and if desired directly experienced. The Circle Of Love consists of Welcome Worlds facebook page where bi-daily posts are offered, Amandas blog page where two posts a month are offered . The Prayer Of The Heart  group is offered on the last Friday of each month at 9pm UK time . You can join from your own home in stopping for a moment , lighting a candle and sitting in prayer/meditaion with the cuurent months particular focus of healing. 

If you enjoy the Circle and find the posts of assistance in your daily life there are many ways to dive deeper with herbs, healing and happiness by;

* Ordering herbal teas 

* Enrolling on

Below are 5 great herbal and natural healing remedies for you to make at home and store in the fridge.

The Home herbalists kitchen pharmancy;

Through the direct experience of creating, making and using the herbal remedies , a confidence and knowing arises that you are able to respond to general symptoms and ailments. This self reliance associated with your health and wellbeing can be very powerful. Also there is the joy and simplicity of using ingredients with a connection to the earth to the world of plant medicine. You begin to connect deeper and deeper with the  beautiful ancient art of home herbal healing.

 1;   Turmeric paste;  Turmeric offers anti inflammmatory properties, immune support, assists with insulin resisitance, and packed with antioxidants and more !   Turmeric works best when taken with either protein or healthy fats .

Amandas turmeric paste.

Mix together 1/4 cup of turmer

What is Healing ?

I have found this question  " what is healing?" to be of such assistance as a practitioner, with the students I share with, and of course with my own life . Whenever we ask such a question we could say a discovery begins. Such a questions asks for more than simple intellectual knowledge, for me it signposts us to a deeper discovery . One of direct experince. A discovery that supports trusting what we directly experience rather than the default location of old beliefs and conditioning from others. 

 Here are some of the discoveries in asking the question " what is healing ?" We could call them direct experiences. My encouragement in sharing what I have discovered so far is for you in the roles of practiitoner ,  of  student , of you responding to symptoms of the body,  of  you living your life, is to ask such questions and discover what unfolds.

I really love the word a

For many years now I have worked as a herbal practitioner in the arena of women’s health and women’s life cycles. Alongside herbal medicine I have other practices and trainings I draw upon in my work.

Included in the arena of women’s health and life cycles are the experiences of pregnancy, birth and mothering. This is an aspect of the work I offer that soon became a primary focus. In some ways it's not surprising because mothering has been an area of my own life that has made my heart sing and also I am trained in antenatal education and pre and peri-natal psychology.

I am now a grandmother as well as a mother so here’s an indication as to how many years I have been working as a herbalist and yet I'm still surprised how many herbal practitioners shy away from working with pregnant, birthing and postpartum women.

When I first started working in this amazing area of women’s health I discovered pretty quickly, de


Offering healing to the pelvic region in the form of herbal allies offering nurturing and norishment for womankind;


When developing a herbal formula it is of assistance to listen to the dance of each plant. Do they enjoy dancing together ? Or would they prefer to be used as a single herb infusion?  If one plant does the job well what is the purpose in adding another herb reproducing the same action. 

The Pelvic tea formula was created after years of working with womens fertility, pregnancy, menstrual cycles and pelvic floor health. The pelvic region includes the womb, the ovaries, the cervix, the vagina, the perinum and the pelvic floor. All the aspects of the pelvis flowing into each other, supporting  and assistingeach other. At the same time each aspect having its own function and energetics as well as being part of the whole. Amazing isnt it !

Witnessing and listening deeply to this area of the body wiRead more...

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