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Antental teaching

Opening our hearts to the Wise Woman within.

What does it mean to say you work in the arena of women’s healing?

For some years now Dominique Sakoilsky and myself have been training women healers through our courses Antenatal Wisdom and Women’s Wisdom. We deeply affirm each student’s potential and inner light to step into this arena .

Women healers’ offer their services responding to the symptoms, diagnosis and the particular life cycle experiences that women bring to them and most importantly to the women themselves. To the lives that each particular woman experiences, to the relationships she embraces, the particular women’s life cycle she is experiencing and to the light that shines within each woman walking on this earth.

What does this ask of the women who train and work as women healers?

A student healer is invited to allow a trust in her self to arise not s


1.      The hormones of Love:

Can we include ourselves in this wonderful demonstration of a natural and very real expression of love? Oxytocin is such a wonderful symbol of the opportunity to immerse our selves in the flow and harmony of the moment. We use questions offered to our selves with lots of kindness, lots of space and lots of love to discover a trust in our self. This deep trust offers the power of love for our clients and us.

2.      Having ears willing to listen:

To have ears willing to listen to our clients rather than feeling we have to fix the situation can be such a gift and many times can be the best assistance. These may be lovely affirming words to any one who works with others and yet something that sounds so simple may not always be that easy. To discover there is a q


Making decisions appears to be such a large focus of living our lives. Recently my friend and colleague Dominique and I have been reflecting together on “how we make decisions that are of assistance to us.” Our exploring began because we recognized that this is a large part of the role the antenatal worker/doula practitioner offer to their clients. In working with an antenatal practitioner or doula parents have the opportunity to reflect on decisions they want to make or have made during the parenting journey.

Many of us hear ourselves saying “ I find it hard to make big decisions, I have a fear I may make the wrong one and then regret it or suffer from the decision.” For me this is the first clue, “who is it who is making the decision?” By this I mean am I drawing on the limited version of myself I have constructed over the years to make this decision? Because if I am this will include all the old memories from the past I am still c


Antenatal teachers/doulas started a quiet revolution:    

Over 40 years ago women started a quiet revolution spreading the word that child birth was not an illness but an amazing opportunity to discover inner resources within themselves and celebrate the journey of motherhood. There are some of us who trained as antenatal teachers in the peak of this revolution which was between 25 to 30 years ago and we are still sharing and teaching our enthusiasm and passion for this wonderful transition into motherhood. The enthusiasm for birth preparation has peaked and waned the same way all things do in this world. Massive changes have occurred in how everyone gathers information and support and this has brought its own effects to birth preparation.

Antenatal teachers are needed today as much as ever:

My answer to the question is yes! Also I feel it is a question that needs to be asked regularly by any profession or service provider


This is the title Dominique and I have given the talk and discussion we are offering at Camden’s Women and Health Centre at the beginning of December. We chose this title because Birth, Love and Relationships are at the heart of our new creation Antenatal Wisdom, an amazing online course accredited as a training for all aspects of antenatal work and as a doula training . The whole process of producing, accrediting, launching and facilitating an online course has been an opportunity to dive deeper and ever deeper into Love.

The thought it doesn’t matter what we do, it is why we are doing something that brings the outcome has always spoken to me. Over and over again in this process of producing Antenatal Wisdom I have discovered this to be true. The course itself is accumulation of three women’s work who have a combined experience of over 60 years in the field of antenatal work and training. This new project was an opportunity to question everything tha


www.wecomeworldcafe.com or www.relaxedbirthandparenting.com

...

Becoming parents ourselves, considering becoming parents or simply filled with joy when we see a baby, can be the impulse to share our enthusiasm for the parenting experience. So as practitioners there is an opportunity to extend this enthusiasm through our work practice. Whenever I spend time in my herbal practice with pregnant women or postpartum women I have such a sense of gratitude for the good fortune to be a part of a woman’s transition into motherhood. Also I feel honoured to know of this beautiful new beings welcome into the world. What could be a more wonderful point to start a relationship with your client be that of the mother and of the baby.

Yes alongside the excitement and joy of the new parent, yes buts, anxiety and sometimes physical symptoms’ or diagnosis may arise. Imagine for a moment what it would be like for pregnant or postpartum women to be accepted and fully listened to. For it to be demonstrated to her that she as the mother has ev


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