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by Sam Lacey

Like many of us, as a young woman, I wasn’t initiated into the power of the menstrual cycle. For most of my adult life my period was, at best, an inconvenience and, at worst, a painful, shameful secret that should either be controlled or pushed through. It wasn’t until I was in my late 30s that I began to pay attention to the fullness of my cycle, discovering it was more than just PMT and a few days of discomfort and bleeding. I began to chart the ebb and flow of my inner landscape throughout the month and witnessed the influence my cycle had on my body, my mind and, in fact, my whole way of being.

As I became more attentive, patterns began to emerge and I could see that certain phases of my cycle had distinct qualities. This deepening awareness showed me that, like the earth, I too had changing seasons that were revealed in different ways and at different times wi


This week has seen a flurry of interest in our May retreat at Gravito this Spring. It has got me pondering and questioning what do we hope from this time together? I looked up the origins of the word ‘retreat’ which comes from the Latin word retrahere which means to pull back. So how might we benefit from “pulling back” and what does that mean? I began to question what will we be pulling back from and where are we pulling back into? If I come to myself I can see there are ways and places that I get pulled out of my Self, in a way that I may become disconnected from who I am and my heart’s prayer. Life can be experienced as relentless in what needs attention, and yet much time and energy can be thrown into actions and words that don’t necessarily look after us. Who are we when we are not in role or in some idea of who we think we should be? How freely and unfettered do you walk within yourself? Are you prepared to put some time and commitment in


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