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During this last year working as a herbal practitioner focusing on women’s health and wellbeing many women have contacted me asking how best to support themselves during these unusual and sometimes challenging times. The shared threads women are often speaking of are stress and feeling stretched beyond endurance.

The energetic feeling I sense when listening is “who mothers the mother? “ and “ who holds the mother safely and lovingly while she is holding the children, the home and her work, all at the same time in her arms?“

The first signpost I feel to share is to soften the gaze. By this I mean, if our gaze is held tightly or we could say has a narrow focus on one aspect of this immense life we are living we limit our innate ability to discover a resolution. Another way of saying this could be, “we are only seeing a partial aspect of the situation.” As a result this inhibits the seeing of the whole picture, the true


I was speaking in the last few days with a woman who was communicating such joy as she experienced postpartum for the first time. This reminded me of how sacred this time can be for mother and child. I see postpartum as a time of stillness and of silent communication that can be experienced in so many different ways.

I want to be clear that I'm not inferring silence to mean, no sounds, no words, no family life or how postpartum should be experienced. The silence is deeper, the silence is the foundation from which sounds, words and family life arises. As always I would say there is no right or wrong way or prescriptive way to experience the first precious weeks of welcoming your child into family life. The stillness is the interconnectedness of everything, stillness is awareness we could say stillness is love.

The sacredness of postpartum also includes the moments of exhaustion, the feelings of overwhelm and not enough, feelings of anxRead more...

There are so many amazing benefits for both mother and baby from experiencing skin to skin contact as soon as possible after birth. Some of which I have listed further on in the post. Many of them have been affirmed by scientific research from what was previously known by some through anecdotal evidence and instinctual knowing.

At the heart of these benefits for me is the quality of kindness. All of us know instinctually the benefits of kindness to any situation or relationship. Kindness speaks of unconditional care. Yet kindness to the body is often overlooked or dismissed as unimportant, particularly through our learned behavioral patterns. This default position of over-riding our instinctual knowing and responses produces subtle energetic and physiological layers of stress and an unconscious attitude of unkindness towards the body.

When a baby is offered this knowing of the benefits of unconditional care through skin to skin contact, we are affiRead more...

The human body is a wonderful miracle. A beautiful expression of the light that we truly are. When a baby is born nourishment is of such importance. Nourishment and nurturing are so closely linked , its as if they infuse into one another.

There are many expressions of nourishment and nurture during the postpartum time that support the baby so beautifully and naturally.

* Being held in accepting, allowing, loving arms .

* Resting in deep sleep.

* Being offered liquid nectar in the form of milk.

* Lets  also not forget the amazing role of  the hormone oxytocin , often known as the hormone of love during postpartun. Its not always acknowledged that the  release of oxytocin continues after birth.

This wonderous hormone releases during breastfeeding as a natural part of the feeding  process. Oxytocin can also be released  naturally during formula feeding when the mother has eye to eRead more...

The alchemy of self care and healing after a C - section.

After any C- section, some kind of recovery period is usually both needed and helpful due to it being abdominal surgery as well as  most importantly being the birth of the mothers child. If the C- section was planned there was the opportunity to explore beforehand the best recovery program , also there can be preparation for the gentlest if you like of experience.

Whereas if the C - section occurs after a woman has been in labour ( sometimes for some length of time)  and the decision is made to for a C- section or there is an emergency C- section, no such preparation for the surgery or recovery afterwards is in place.

As a doula or antenatal teacher/mentor there is the opportunity to offer support and assistance to women who have experienced a C- section. Sometimes this may be verbally over the phone or it maybe the mother finds it helpful for you to be there in her home asRead more...

Five ways to use Welcome World's Perineum Wash herbal formula in your home during postpartum.

Sometimes during birthing the area called the perineum is bruised or torn, this can be uncomfortable or painful for postpartum mothers. In this blog Iam going to offer 5 easy ways in which you can offer healing to this delicate and sensitive area of your body.

1. I am going to start with the encouragement of self-kindness. Be gentle with your self; maybe use the herbal suggestions I offer as a way of responding to your self tenderly. Other practical suggestions of being gentle with yourself could be to make sure there is a soft cushion or pillow in place whenever you sit down. Letting others help you with chores so you can focus on welcoming your beautiful child into your life and healing the discomfort in the perineum can be very nurturing. Love is always the fast track way to heal anything and the most practical.

The next



“3 great herbal allies when postpartum is not being experienced as sweetness and light.”

Sometimes outcomes are not as we have imagined in our minds eye. Of course this is no different with the birth of a child. Yes, there are many women who spend the postpartum period in a hazy delightful and peaceful encounter with their baby. There are an equal amount of women who experience postpartum as exhausting and uncomfortable, and there are mothers who experience some description in between these two sides of the coin. No experience being right or wrong and none having the exclusion to being a loving experience.

Every experience has the exact same opportunity to dive ever deeper into love. It often appears to be such a human trait to make one experience more, either more loving, more acceptable and I could go on with the mores! Yet is it of assistance to any of us? To be comparing experiences or to be making one way


This is a great new partnership service between Welcome World and Born.

To discuss a breastfeeding tincture, please contact Amanda: phone 02380 283323 or email amanda@welcomeworldcafe.com

After discussing your particular situation with Amanda, if it is felt a tincture would be of assistance, you can take advantage of the pick-up service from Born at 64 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, BS7 8BH.

You will be given a code by Amanda to confirm your order and payment. Please take the code with you when you collect your tincture.

...

“Breastfeeding is so much more than just milk”

These words: “breastfeeding is so much more than just milk” are words I read on Jack Newman’s Facebook page. Straight away my thought was I could not of said it better myself. Such simple words and yet to me they are so profound. Why? Because whenever I hear the word “more” it activates a sign post, if you like, to come to the presence we all share within ourselves, our true nature; Love. It reminds me that there is another way to see this. Yes of course breastfeeding provides milk for the child, to enable the infant to grow in terms of the physical body. So what is the more and is the more needed?

For me the more is like a doorway into another awareness, that there is something more in this instance than the survival needs of the body. Breastfeeding can be an opportunity to encounter and experience a well-known saying of truth in the giving we receive.


Last week I went to the screening of the film babyhood offered as a joint venture by Juno magazine and the company Born. As my work involves both parents and children it is always of interest for me to discover new interests and visions of others on the subject of parenting. On the same day Woman’s hour discussed parenting from both the perspective of a documentary launched recently on TV about children going to sleep at night or as was discussed not going to sleep. Also from the perspective of what we can learn from other cultures that are more traditional and are small tribal communities. It appears we are questioning parenting as a society; it appears we are struggling to find answers to difficult questions, such as why has violence amongst teenagers increased, why are more children experiencing depression and many more similar difficult questions.

My question is what are we really questioning? Yes of course it is always helpful to question everything... is th


Today the Mail newspaper reports of the distress parents are experiencing as supplies of two popular baby milk formulas which are designed to be of assistance in particular for babies with colic and constipation dwindle in the stores. As a result of the anxiety of not having milk to offer to their baby, parents have been willing to pay huge prices for tins of formula being sold at inflated prices on sites such as ebay.

I am not going to write about the situation being reported, this is being covered by many social media sites. But it has inspired me to sing the praises of a wide variety of milks that are non-diary. Also I would like to offer alternative solutions to colic and constipation. Many people are not aware that there are alternatives to dairy until digestive symptoms arise that are uncomfortable, with children this can sometimes be in the form of colic. Others are ve


At the birth of a baby there is what could be called an involuntary action taking place. That no matter what, the baby is going to be born, we may not know how or when but birth is going to occur. Just as when the baby is in the womb, legs, arms and toes grow, the mother does not sit down and say to herself today I will grow a toe for my baby. It simply occurs, life provides we could say. During birth when parents make contact with this so called involuntary action it is a very direct experience. I have heard parents say “experiencing the birthing of our child was a very pr


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