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6 women herbalists that have inspired my love of all things herbal and healing

I appreciate you; here is my list of some of the women herbalists that have caught my attention, inspired and supported my journey as a herbalist working with women’s life cycles. 

Juliette de Bairacli Levy.  I loved reading her books while raising my children. This woman lived herbalism in every moment of her daily life.

Hildegard of Bingen. A legend! Her herbal knowledge is fascinating. Well worth tracking down her books.

Maria Treben. Maria is one of the great pioneers of herbal medicine. Her books are full of herbal gems and case studies.

Rosita Arvigo. Thank you Rosita for all you preserved of the great Don Panti, then made your own to inspire others. A wonderful life story as well herbal knowledge.

Jill Rosemary Davies. I and so many other herbalists have such gratitude to this modern day herbalist.


Vitamin K Which herbs contain this amazing vitamin K and what do they offer us?

As I have been working in the arena of pregnancy, birth and family life for many years now it’s not surprising that I have an interest in vitamin K. It is a decision parents make after the birth of their child whether or not to give their consent to a dose of vitamin k being administered as a routine procedure. The reason for this procedure is that all babies are born with low levels of vitamin K due to newborns lacking the bacteria in their intestines to produce the vitamin. Very occasionally a small percentage of babies have symptoms called VKDB (vitamin K deficiency bleeding). What this means is that their blood doesn’t clot in the usual way during the first few weeks or months of their arrival into the world. As a result it is recommended by doctors to routinely administer vitamin K to all babies as a preventive measure.

As with everythin


Today’s ‘medicine ways’ of a birth worker

Let’s start with what are “medicine ways”? Of course I can only offer my own thoughts as to the meaning of such words and that would be” a way of responding to life”. When I say life I am including everything from birth, death and all in between and everything beyond; a response that is all inclusive of everyone, and holds steady to the intention that all loving answers are there in any moment; a response that is offered from a clean slate in every situation rather than one prescription for all.

Birth workers which include antenatal practitioners, doulas, midwives and postpartum practitioners have existed for eons. Maybe in different forms but there have always been those who love to assist mothers and babies. It is no different today, there are many women whose hearts sing with joy and enthusiasm at their role in the communi


Hot chocolate is a great treat for those special occasions of celebration. It’s tasty, rich and warming. A lot of people feel it’s too heavy for a regular daily cuppa. Of course the “treat kind of hot chocolate “ is just that, heavy with sugar, milk and other additives that are in some commercial chocolates.

Yet as a herbalist I know of the wonderful medicinal and wellbeing value of cacao. So I thought it could be fun to offer some recipes of the healthiest hot chocolate in town which will also add a spring in your step.

So let’s start with non-diary milk for anyone who prefers this.

My preference would always be the amazing almond milk. This milk was my ally when my children were toddlers I can’t sing its praises enough. There are also lots of other great milks made from grains or nuts. Coconut would be del


Spices - Winter Warmers in the kitchen pharmacy cupboard.

This time of the year it’s always a delight to turn to the spices in the kitchen pharmacy cupboard. The pinch of cinnamon or cayenne, some ground fenugreek or fennel seeds and the delights of ginger and nutmeg can aid digestion support the immune system and offer overall benefits to the hormonal and glandular systems of the body. Wow all this in just a pinch of spice added to your suppers or porridge, juicing or baking. Then there is the extra little gift of exciting our taste buds. Most of the time spices offer their well being benefits by supporting and assisting production of sufficient gastric juices and relaxing the whole digestion system. On an individual basis some spices also are anti bacterial, antifungal and anti viral benefits. So what a great way to support your families immune system simply by adding a pinch of spice! All these spices produce the effect of harmonising and nour


Apples… I love them and wow they offer us so much. Apples would always be in my kitchen pharmacy. Why?

Because apples are a great source of malic acid, which is a great digestive aid and eases discomfort of bloating.

Because apples are digested completely within 85 minutes, the same enzymes that help the digestion of the apple so quickly aid in digestion of other foods.

Because apples are cleansing foods in the eyes of the Herbalist, especially for eliminating cholesterol from the body, this process occurs through the large amounts of pectin in apples.

Because the pectin in apples is transformed into a soothing coating for the intestines by intestinal bacteria which eases stomach cramps.

Because apples provide antioxidants and are hematic in that they support the building of blood as well as cleansing the blood.

Because eating apples offers us a gentle support for the liver. This is especial


Herbal baths and footbaths have been used for centuries as a model of healing and relaxation. Water often assists the body to let go of any nervous tension, whether at the end of a busy day, easing physical symptoms or simply enjoying immersing our body in the deep relaxation of water. Herbal baths can also be used for much more than relaxation. They can also be of great assistance in relieving the discomforts of many symptoms.

While a baby is developing in the womb, skin is formed from nervous tissue type cells, so it is no surprise that the skin is closely related in effects to the nervous system. Herbal baths are a wonderful way to absorb the blessings herbs offer to us. When soaking in a bath enriched with herbs the benefits are taken in through the pores in the skin. Also as we gently inhale through our nose the steam from a hot bath this can be filled with the wellbeing benefits of the herbs. Both these processes of absorbing herbs have the advantage of coming st


So is there a difference between loose leaf herbal tea and the tea bag? I believe there is and these are some of my thoughts as to why.

In loose leaf tea the leaves and flowers are whole or large piece, this results in none of the health benefits being lost in processing’s or cutting the leaves into fine powder consistency to fit into a bag. There is often a fuller flavour as the leaves and flowers have been able to expand and steep freely in a pot. There is more nutritional and health benefits potency in loose leaf tea which again is as a result of the flowers and leaves being given the space to swell and release all the plant chemicals contained in each leaf.

So why are tea bags so popular? The answer for most people is the ease of making, simply pop a bag in a cup and pour on boiling water. Some people say less mess just throw the teabag away after drinking the tea. In lots of ways there is no dispute of these facts. So there is no purpose in compar



1.       The rosehips and lemon peel in this tea offer antioxidants in abundance. What are antioxidants and why are they of assistance to us? Most of all they keep “free radicals” at bay and also clean them out of your bloodstream.” Free radicals” can be the first step in diseases becoming established in the body. So antioxidants could be described as being preventive of disease in particular age related diseases.

2.       The Oat Straw, Rosehips and lemon Verbena in the tea Cupboard Love support the nervous system. In particular oat straw has a normalizing effect on the whole physiology of the body when it is under stress.

3          The lemon peel in this tea formula is great for alkalizing the body. Lemons and their peel are packed with vitamin C and the little known vitamin P. So great support for the immune s



I have been asked to speak of 3 herbs that would always be on my apothecary shelf.

1. Oatstraw

So i can start with Oatstraw which would always be on my shelf simply because it is my favourite herb. I use it more than any other plant. It reminds me of self kindness, it shouts loudly of vitality, aliveness. The smell of oatstraw  is of freshly mown fields in summer time. This plant speaks of nourishment and restoring vitality. It is widely known to support and feed the nervous system. One


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