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What is the Holistic Birth Trust Foundation?

Added 24/02/2013

Since Eva from the company Born suggested they show a DVD on their film nights that was commissioned by The Holistic Birth Trust Foundation which features Ina May Gaskin and Yehudi Gordon; people have been asking who are The Holistic Birth Trust Foundation and I can’t seem to find them anywhere! So I thought this would be a great blog and a great opportunity to integrate everything that I have given this year to. Around this time last year I made the decision to sell my house in Wells and move to Bristol .At the time I wasn’t sure how that would unfold , I was clear I wanted to give a year of my full attention focussing on the business Welcome World.  An aspect of this was to integrate The Holistic Birth Trust Foundation into Welcome World.

So everything unfolded beautifully and I arrived in Clifton Bristol, last March ready and willing to turn up fully. Let me offer a very short potted history of The Holistic Birth trust Foundation. Some time ago four women came together to refocus and extend The Childbirth Educators Training Course. We renamed the organisation and developed an exciting new programme that covered women’s life cycles, menstruation, fertility and pregnancy, birthing and postpartum. A large group of women came forward as students who all completed the course and passed written and practical exams. The courses evolved and changed over the following years, all of which were focused on pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

At The Holistic Birth Trust Foundation we supported the ethos that whatever was shared on the training could be made their own by students and taken out into the world in whatever way made their hearts sing. This supported our belief and knowing that to teach or to share from the heart is of assistance not only to all those we meet and work with but with our self as well. We have been so thrilled by the way in which this much needed work has been taken out into the world by previous students, from antenatal sessions, to private health practices, within the NHS, working with women in prisons,  midwifery, herbal clinics and more, always more! In fact it has been beyond our imaging the fantastic work previous students offer in the many and varied forms. All of them rest in my heart and I recommend each of them as being of assistance to anyone seeking to know of the unlimited healing potential of Love. At the start of every training programme offered the commitment that each student who completed the trainings would always be part of ‘the family’, they would always come with us no matter what formed emerged, I hold to this commitment with joy.

As an organisation we are also proud of the enormous task of presenting a conference in Bristol, some time ago now where key speakers were Ina May Gaskin and Yehudi Gordon. What a delight and so many blessings emerged from this conference, not always in ways that I had imagined. Speaking of delights, what good fortune I had to experience Ina May as a guest in my home, also to witness her willingness and openness for so many people who wanted to meet her to be able to come either to my home or go for a walk with her. Each of us running the HBTF were completely out of our comfort zone organising such a large conference, but together we did it! Also it was a great success, we had also commissioned Amazon films, a company who makes and sells great films in the arena of women’s health and life. Since the making of the DVD, Amazon Films now own all distribution rights.

Just as we supported students to receive what we shared and taught, make it their own and take this out into the world in whatever ways made their hearts sing, the same support was offered to each of us as founders of the organisation. So as with any organisation there is an organic flow if love is recognised as the only answer. As founders we were each free to follow our hearts and take this wonderful work wherever we were guided. The last stages of The Holistic Birth Trust Foundation included just me out of the original 4 women who founded the organisation. I continued to offer trainings and the existence of the HBTF, until a year ago when I closed the HBTF and began the process of bringing everything under the umbrella of Welcome World which includes the herbal tea company and the home of antenatal teaching. I had not been in Bristol long when it became clear that a new exciting venture of joining with Dom and Lou from Relaxed Birth And Parenting was going to be the way forward for offering antenatal teachers trainings. Of course some of you know Dominique was one of the four women along with me, Val and Julie who founded the HBTF. So Dom and I have come full circle and how wonderful is that! Everything that was The Holistic Birth Trust Foundation is included in Welcome World and Relaxed Birth And Parenting and more, always more!

So for anyone asking who is the HBTF , I hope this has offered a glimmer in to the foundation, such a strong grounding, such solid roots this new training has emerged from and will continue to flourish. I have focused on the HBTF for this blog as I am in the last stages of integrating the HBTF, a part of which will be a section on the website recommending and listing previous students who are working and offering services in this arena. I could not tell this story without speaking of Louise who is Dominique’s business partner together they run Relaxed Birth And Parenting. I first met Lou at the conference I spoke of where she was one of the experts in this arena we had invited to form a panel for delegate’s questions. Being a dear friend and college of Dominique’s I soon had the blessing to get to know her and work with her as a college. Louise has many years experience of offering this work not only in private practice, also within the NHS which reaches so many mothers and babies.

Our invitation from both Welcome World and Relaxed Birth And Parenting is come and join us and the large circle of women who offer their services in supporting women and their families to embrace the parent and child relationship. The natural by product of opening our hearts in this way is to discover the beauty of who we are. Do keep a look out on face book for the screening of the DVD by Born and check out our antenatal teachers training, we are confident it offers something to everyone. Lots of love Amanda

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Film now scheduled for May 23rd at Halo Bristol, buy tickets here http://www.borndirect.com/V3941/Born/Film-Night

Eva Fernandes, 28-02-2013

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